Celebrity bloggers had a ball at Amazon’s Fulfillment Centers (FCs) recently. From fashion and lifestyle bloggers to tech and gadget experts, the gang was on a quest to ‘unbox’ all the excitement and feverish activity that go behind sorting and packaging our favourite products! Especially during shopping fests like Prime Day. Here's a download of what happened when they visited.

The exciting journey of Kabir’s gift

Blogger Anupriya at an Amazon FC ahead of Prime Day

Take the case of Anupriya and her son, Kabir. When mommy forgot to buy Kabir that Lego toy she had promised, Amazon.in stepped in to help out with her last minute order. Kabir had his gift in less than 24 hours, leaving him thrilled and inquisitive all at the same time. “Mum, how did it arrive in less than a day?” he wondered. “Let’s find out!” said Anupriya. So off they went on a joy ride to an Amazon FC, to find out what happens after you click the ‘buy now’ button.
It was no less than an amusement park inside the FC. There they spotted Kabir’s Lego toy and watched how it was picked up, packaged and sent off, among thousands of other packages. There were all kinds of products stored along endless aisles, while mysterious packages whizzing past on what looked like rollercoasters. There were big machines and even a Genie that magically appeared with extra wrapping paper when you pulled a cord! It was all so exciting!

Karron Dhinggra at a busy Amazon FC gearing up for the madness on Prime Day

Unboxing Amazon like gaming

Karron Dhinggra and Nikhil Chawla too had great fun at the incredibly busy Amazon FCs that were gearing up for the madness on Prime Day. While Karron took on a fashion challenge with a difference, Nikhil went behind the scenes to unveil the tech behind our shopping sprees. Karron ventured inside an FC to fulfil a cool challenge of picking and packing all his Amazon fashion orders, competing with some of Amazon’s best associates in the game! “Tried my luck at picking up fashion orders with the hand scanner, and learned a lot of Amazon’s inside lingo (do you know what a ‘Corner’ is?),” shares Karron. Although he did accomplish his fashion mission with a twist, “I couldn’t beat the experts!” he declares.

Tech-it out

Unboxing Amazon - take a look at all the tech behind-the-scenes that gets your orders from Amazon

For someone who typically holds forth on the tech behind products, this time Nikhil took a look at all the tech behind-the-scenes at a buzzing FC. “I usually unbox gadgets, but now it’s time to Unbox Amazon!” he laughed. “I know all of you have always wondered how your Amazon packages reach you super quick. So I decided to take a look at how your orders make it in perfect time and condition.” From the Cubiscan and the Hand Scanner to the coding of totes and the SLAM, Nikhil put all that tech through a scanner of his own!

TLC for My Amazon.in orders

“I love shopping and take extra care of everything I buy,” shares fashionista Pallavi Singh, “But I've always wondered, who takes care of my packages when they arrive from all across the country?” So she paid a visit to an Amazon FC to find out the answers.
Inside the FC, Pallavi began by tracking her favourite shampoo brand. She watched in awe as the product went through a meticulous ‘six sided check’, all ready for her to order! She then walked down the aisles to learn that as soon as her beloved fashion products were stowed and entered into the system, she could buy them online. Her best discovery was how her latest pair of shoes were packed into a satin bag made by economically disadvantaged women at the Amazon Cares Community Centers. That final piece of information had to be the cherry on her shopping cart!