There’s energy, there’s a song and there’s dance – those with two left feet were enthusiastic too – and yes, a hook step too! And it’s not a filmi number. In fact, it is associates from all over India dancing and singing proudly to their new Anthem.

Amazon’s fulfilment and transportation teams are spread across the country in different cities and locations, and yet all of them share a sense of pride and dedication towards their work. To harness this shared feeling and channel it into one cohesive, expressive video is no mean feat. An Amazon team was formed and they coined the phrase ‘Amazon ke Cheetey.’ This was the phrase around which this anthem was composed taking into account every aspect of the associates’ jobs like picking, packing, dedication, speed, customer satisfaction and the joy of delivering smiles with pride.

I believe the anthem captures the energy of our associates and unifies their efforts to driving customer obsession. It embodies the spirit of who we are at Amazon. I love the song itself, I can’t stop moving when I hear it, and my children can already sing it!
Steve Walter, Director, HR, Asia Operations

Making of the Amazon India Associates Anthem

The actual shooting of the video took place in 6 different cities across 20 different sites over 8 days, capturing the moves of close to 2500 associates. Each set of excited associates were taught the choreography and were filmed in a record half hour by the film crew who would then pack up and quickly move to the next location for the day. Kirti Vishwakarma, an associate calls it an ‘Amazing activity’. She especially applauds the way the team has trained them for the dance.

This is the only company where we have such an Anthem. It is helping us to boost morale of the team.
Parvati Rajak, an associate from Ahmedabad

The Associates felt quite like celebrities with the cameras lying in wait for them. Some enthusiastically cut loose some Bangra and Bollywood moves while others gave the Step Up franchise a run for their money. “Thoroughly enjoyed and had fun during associates anthem video performance” and “I don’t feel stage fear any more after this activity was conducted by Amazon” say Victor and Mamta Gaud, two associates from Amazon.

Only the incredible energy and enthusiasm of the associates made this possible. Different sections of the song were shot in different cities and were finally put together in one upbeat edit by the very talented director and team. Effort was made to have the employees particpate in their most natural work environment. Frames were set to showcase various aspects and steps of their daily work. What a great way to celebrate a career of delivering smiles!

Yuvaraj Prakash’s moment of happiness was showing this video to his parents who are very proud to see him work as an associate in such a huge organisation. This anthem is now trending in his neighbourhood thanks to his parents.

‘Amazon ke Cheetay’ now rings loud in every associate’s heart. Have you begun humming it yet?