You may have wondered what goes on behind the scenes when you place an order on

Abhinav Singh, Director, Customer Fulfilment, Supply Chain & Amazon Transportation Services, Amazon India gets you a perspective from Roopashree, a Process Assistant at Amazon’s largest Fulfilment Center (FC) in India.

Role of Amazon Fulfilment Centers (FC)

In #EkBaatTohBatao, an Amazon series this festive season, Roopashree takes Abhinav behind the scenes into her workday, where she's a people manager who works with several associates. With orders pouring in, Amazon’s FCs are the first mile—the starting point of all your orders. These centers are buzzing with activity round the clock.

Roopashree also tells Abhinav about her journey which started a campus recruit in 2018. Today, she leads a team of 17 persons.

In a free-wheeling chat, they also discuss the safety protocols that are in place at the FC, which is Amazon's largest in India. Watch the video for more.

The Great Indian Festival 2022 is now live on Festive shopping is a breeze with Amazon: Same-day delivery option was recently expanded to over 50 cities and towns.