With the rapid expansion of Amazon.in and the millions of orders each day, Amazon is building technology to create revolutionary improvements at Sortation Centres. Our sortation network grew by 1.5X since last year with our presence spread across 19 states with a processing area of close to 1.5 million sq. feet.

So what is automation in a Sortation Centre?

· A Sortation Centre plays an extremely important role in connecting the source of the product which is typically a Fulfilment Centre and an Amazon Delivery Station.
· Tens of thousands of packages arrive from Fulfillment Centers and Seller locations and are sorted at these Sortation Centres.
· These buildings are now equipped with newest technology in the form of ‘Automated Sorting’ to build efficiency and increase productivity for shorter transit times in the delivery process.
· An automated conveyor called the ‘Sort Slider’ sorts large packages easily into multiple streams based on their next destination for delivery.
· And the ‘Auto Sorter’ sorts small packages into more than 100 lanes which can be packed for Delivery Stations.
· The innovative technology now aids the hundreds of associates to sort millions of packages effortlessly.
· This automation in our Sortation Centres has helped us build efficiency in our sortation process enabling us to deliver packages to our customer much faster.