Amazon today covers 100% serviceable pin codes in India and our services reach literally every nook and corner in India. And at the heart of our successful delivery strategy lies the last-mile connectivity program called 'I Have Space' or IHS. This program handles a significant proportion of our vast logistics volumes in India’s small towns and metro cities. Our delivery partnership with small store owners benefit us with last-mile connectivity, while our partners discover an extra source of income with zero investments. Here's what some of them say:

I Have Space - The story of Arun

'No investment needed'

Take the case of Arun, a mobile recharge and repair shop owner in Amritsar, Punjab. His business wasn’t flourishing and life was quite hard for him—he was barely able to meet daily expense of his family. But once he started working with Amazon, his life changed completely.

When I started this work, I did not have to make any investment. There was no fee. So I thought it would be a part-time work and would provide some additional income. But soon, it turned into my primary source of income. Now I am able to fulfil every need of my family

'IHS has given me additional income'

For the differently abled Manoj Gatty, who owns a general store at Katipala in Karnataka, empowerment came in many different ways when he partnered with us. From a small-time retailer who barely earned enough to make ends meet, today he earns an additional income through his affiliation with IHS. His store has begun to grow in popularity in the locality, and what's more, he has also hired a delivery hand. In his own words, "Amazon has given me and my family a new lease of life."

'It helped brighten a student’s future'

After partnering with us for the 'I Have Space' (IHS) program, Neha Raj, who owns a small kiosk of cosmetic goods in Patna, saw her monthly income more than double. Barely a few months into the program, moreover, she could even employ a young student, who paid his college tuition fees through his earnings as her delivery boy. "There is no greater joy than to be able to support my family and brighten somebody else's future as well," shares Neha. Today she helps deliver about 35-50 packages every day as an Amazon IHS partner, earning an extra Rs.18,000-20,000 per month.

Partnership that empowers and transforms

The program has already helped transform the lives of many of our local partners for the better, empowering them to achieve their personal goals by partnering with us. As the program’s name suggests, all that our partners need to bring to the table is "space" to store Amazon’s products, along with the ability to deliver these products to our local customers, and a willingness to let customers use their "space" as a pick-up point. This entire exercise also helps small store owners market their own business within the local catchment, while driving footfalls to their store - and earning an extra buck into the bargain. Currently, the program primarily utilizes local grocery, telecom, stationery, pharmacy, general stores and other small trade outlets, to name just a few.