I don multiple hats every day—homemaker, mother, tailor and a delivery partner. I have two young sons and we live in Bangalore. I manage Ujjni Tailors, which was started by my husband. But my life’s biggest transformation happened when I signed up with I Have Space, an Amazon program, in July 2022.

Ujjni Tailor – Swetha NR

Under the IHS program, Amazon India partners with local entrepreneurs and business owners to deliver products to customers within a distance of 2 to 4 kilometers of their store. Here’s my story.

Swetha NR – IHS Program

Learning to stitch and sew

After tying the knot in 2012, I was keen to step beyond my homemaker responsibilities and financially support the family. My husband, who had started Ujjni Tailors in 2000, taught me basic tailoring skills. Hence, just a year after marriage I started stitching and sewing ladieswear at Ujjni Tailors.

Learning Stitch and Sew – Swetha NR

With time, I mastered the trade. I started overseeing other tailors and began managing the store independently. During this period, my husband joined his brother’s grocery store.

Growing Aspirations – IHS, Swetha NR

Growing aspirations

With rising costs and limited earnings from the store, it became difficult for our family to meet our aspirations. I was determined to improve our standard of living and hence went scouting for an additional source of income. I first heard about Amazon’s ‘I Have Space’ program from my cousin brother. Intrigued by the benefits of the program, I enrolled in July 2022.

A Day in Life of Swetha – I Have Space Partner

A day in my life

My day typically begins early in the morning. After finishing my morning chores and sending the kids to school, I get ready to reach my tailoring store.

A Day in Life of Swetha – IHS Program

I oversee other tailors’ work and even gets down to stitching myself.

Earning Additional Income – IHS Partner

Once the bullk of the day’s work is through and there’s time on hand, I hit the road. I step out to deliver packages to Amazon customers within 2-4 km of Ujjni Tailors’ location. The limited radius helps me balance my day job and delivery work seamlessly, besides helping me earn additional income at my pace.

Delivering Packages – IHS Program

The program enables me to deliver packages in my non-peak hours which is very refreshing. This also allows me to manage family responsibilities and spend time with my sons without disruption.

Swetha NR - Amazon I Have Space Partner

I look forward to continue growing my store and delivering smiles to Amazon customers every day.

Swetha - Balancing Home and Earning with Amazon IHS Program

As Amazon scales and expands its delivery network across Karnataka, it enables individuals like Swetha to unlock their entrepreneurial potential through the ‘I Have Space’ program.

IHS Program- Delivering Smiles

Launched in 2015, the program has more than 28,000 neighbourhood and kirana partners in about 420 towns and cities across India, including hundreds of stores in Bangalore.