(This article was updated on June 3, 2019)

At Amazon, we are constantly listening to customer packaging feedback, which is extremely important to us. We hear when customers are pleased that their items arrive on time and in perfect condition, and also when customers are looking for more sustainable packaging solutions. This has led to a new packaging innovation in some of our fulfilment centres in India -- delivering products packaging-free.

Packaging-free shipments, but with an added layer of protection
With packaging-free shipments, we can minimize secondary packaging required for individual shipments by securing multiple shipments together in a reusable crate or a corrugate box. For example, in Bangalore, all shipments for Whitefield would leave our Fulfilment Centre in a reusable crate serving as protective covering for individual shipments, eliminating the need for plastic or corrugate to secure each and every shipment.

I am extremely happy to see that the shoe box for my order has been delivered without any additional packaging. It is nice to see that there is no wasted packaging material used just for delivery.
A happy customer

When will a product be delivered packaging-free?
Packaging-free products include some home and home improvement products, automotive accessories, tech accessories, shoes, luggage, and more, and are shipped where the customer is. Liquids, fragile items, or products that need privacy are never shipped packaging-free.

The results so far
We first piloted this India first innovation in Bangalore and have now expanded the program to 100 cities inlcuding - Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Nagpur and Hyderabad - where we have shipped hundreds of thousands of customer orders packaging free. With encouraging feedback from customers, we are now expanding this program to cover more regions and customers in India as well as a wider selection of products.

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