With rapid increase in Internet penetration and growing awareness about the choice and convenience of online shopping, more and more Indian consumers are joining the e-commerce revolution in the country. However, many first time shoppers seek additional reassurance before investing in mid to high-budget items online.
In order to bring these consumers into the e-commerce fold, Amazon.in has built many innovative programs over the years. The latest one among these is our focus on Secure Delivery – an initiative that safeguards select high-value purchases of customers in a number of ways.

A comprehensive process designed to earn trust
To ensure the safe delivery of packages, packages from select identified categories go through either or both of these two different mechanisms we have in place.
1. Select orders are packed in special tamper evident bags, each of which comes with a unique bag ID. At the time of delivery, the associate scans the unique bag ID as another validation mechanism, without which the delivery cannot be completed. These special bags are sealed with a strip that changes colour if tampered with.
2. All selected orders above the defined threshold are now delivered with an OTP that is verified at the customer doorstep. OTP verification is mandatory for the delivery of these select products.

“Packaging of my new One Plus 6 was excellent! I like the concept of a tamper proof bag so I can immediately figure out if there is an issue. No unpleasant surprises anymore! OTP was a breeze too.”
Tanmay Pattnaik, customer from Bhubaneshwar

How does tamper evident packaging work?
The tamper evident bags have been designed in a way, that any attempt to tamper with the package will be clearly visible. The bag is sealed with a blue strip that turns green when opened. Customers are advised to check the color of the strip on the bag before acknowledging receipt and reject immediately if the strip on their bag is green. Every bag also has a unique id printed on it – the customer and the DA can validate the unique ID on the bag while making the delivery so that the customer knows that his package has been delivered intact. This information is also available on the email to the customer with the delivery details.

How does OTP work for the customer?
Prior to delivery, the customer gets the following -
1. An SMS/ email with the delivery schedule and the delivery OTP
2. The progress tracker on the Amazon.in app will also contain these above details
3. The customers enters the OTP into the delivery app of the delivery associate.
4. If it is a gift order, the OTP generated will be sent to both the customer and the person the order is being delivered to.

This new feature to improve the secure delivery of customer orders is now live for customers across India. We will continue to expand the programme to cover more categories and ensure that customers continue to enjoy a safe and reliable shopping experience.