Mother's Day is a day to celebrate and honour the incredible women in our lives who have nurtured and loved us unconditionally. From single mothers to working mothers to foster mothers, countless women have shown unwavering dedication to their children even in the face of adversity. This Mother’s Day, let’s cherish and honour the amazing mothers and motherly figures in our lives. Here are stories of 3 remarkable women who have overcome challenges, displayed courage, and exemplified the true spirit of motherhood from Amazon India’s last mile network.

Celebrating mothers at Amazon
Rashmi Choudhary is responsible for two young children and more than 100 employees and delivery associates that worked for her late husband

The ‘Iron Lady’

The COVID-19 pandemic was a harsh blow to Jamshedpur-based Rashmi Choudhary. In September 2020, her husband, who was an Amazon Delivery Service Partner and managed delivery stations in four cities of Jharkhand, succumbed to COVID-19. After her husband’s sudden demise, the mother of two young children became responsible for her husband’s business (Swastik Enterprises) and the families of more than 100 employees and delivery associates that worked at her husband’s delivery stations.

She took on the mantle with the unstinting support of Amazon and her own management skills. Today, she manages five delivery stations in Jharkhand and has also expanded her business by taking on dealership of a leading EV brand in her hometown.

Rashmi also engages in various philanthropic endeavours in her personal capacity to uplift and support her local community. "After my husband’s sudden demise, I knew I had to take care of not only my family but also the families of employees who work in Swastik Enterprises. I had no professional experience, and I wouldn’t have been able to manage the business without support, guidance, and training. That time, the Amazon program team was of immense support,” said Rashmi.

She has adopted a village and ensures the year-round distribution of essential goods and medical equipment. Her children fondly call her ‘Iron Lady’ for emerging successful despite the various obstacles and challenges that life has thrown at her.

 “Throughout this journey, my son, now 20 years old, and my 13-year-old daughter have been my greatest sources of strength. I am sure my late husband would be proud to see how I am managing his dream, Swastik Enterprises. I aim to expand this business and provide more opportunities for youth, especially women," she says.

Celebrating Mothers at Amazon
Ramadevi, who joined Amazon’s ‘I Have Space’ program in 2019, flanked by her two daughters

Celebrating a single mother’s love

Ramadevi, a single mother from Puducherry, did not let obstacles bring her down. Despite having to discontinue her education in grade 12, she worked as a typist to make ends meet. Ramadevi got married at the age of 23 against her wish. She was forced to work harder for her survival due to the lack of support from her husband and the responsibility of two daughters.

This led her to start her own store—Arokiyamadha Automobiles—in 2012 which sells industrial oils, lubricants and safety equipment. With rising expenses, irregular income from the store and the responsibility of two young daughters, Ramadevi struggled to manage her family’s financial needs.

In 2019, she decided to separate from her husband and looked for an additional source of income. Soon after, she learned about Amazon's ‘I Have Space’ program from a friend and how the program enables individuals to earn additional income by delivering customer packages in their free time. Soon she enrolled in the program and became Amazon’s ‘I Have Space’ partner.

The extra income from the program helped Ramadevi ensure good education for her two daughters, Regina and Rentha. Regina is currently working as a subject matter expert at an online food ordering startup in Chennai, while Rentha is working as a senior consultant at a global BPO firm in Bangalore. “My daughters have been my pillars of strength, giving me the courage to face each day with a smile and strive for a brighter future for us. My decision to join Amazon’s ‘I Have Space’ program in 2019 was very important. The additional income from the program has not only given me financial stability but also helped with college fees for my daughters, paying for rental and managing other payments and loans. This program has been a reliable support system during my most challenging phase, including the pandemic, when I had to temporarily shut my store due to lockdown,” says Ramadevi.

Celebrating Mothers day at Amazon
Radhamma Prithvi, who delivers packages in her free time as an Amazon Flex partner, with her 13-year-old daughter

Acing ‘Flex-ible’ for part-time income

Bengaluru-based Radhamma Prithvi represents how a homemaker can balance family responsibilities and yet build a career for herself. Radhamma lives with her husband Suresh Kumar R., a part-time tailor and Amazon’s Flex delivery partner, and their 13-year-old daughter. She always wanted to be independent and support her family. However, the fear of managing her work and home responsibilities prevented her from becoming independent until 2019. Amazon Flex, a last mile delivery program that enables individuals to choose their own delivery schedules and earn part-time income by delivering packages, solved one of her biggest challenges. Watching her husband delivering for Amazon as a Flex partner in his free time gave her the confidence to become a Flex partner with Amazon.

“It has been close to four years since I became Amazon’s Flex Partner and I have thoroughly enjoyed this journey. The opportunity to be my own boss and create my own work schedule according to everyday responsibilities is what makes the Amazon Flex program a convenient and accessible option for me. The program has helped me evolve as a person with tremendous confidence,” says Radhamma.