Story of Amazon flex delivery partner Pankaj Kumar Sharma

32-year-old Sachin Gorakh Shinde, a graduate of Solapur University in Maharashtra, aspires to serve the nation by joining the civil services. He has been preparing for the highly competitive UPSC examinations conducted by the Union Public Service Commission for recruitment to India’s higher civil services. In 2019, Sachin found an ideal way to balance his studies and financial needs with Amazon Flex, a last mile delivery program that enables individuals to choose their own delivery schedules and earn part-time income by delivering packages on behalf of Amazon.

From Solapur to Pune

Amazon Flex Partner and a UPSC aspirant

Sachin grew up in Solapur and moved to Pune in 2015 for better livelihood opportunities and to fulfil his dream of serving the nation. In 2016, he got married and started working as a delivery associate for an e-commerce company in Pune. However, this full-time job left him with little time to prepare for the civil services exams. The Amazon Flex program suited Sachin the best as it generated part-time income that allowed him to support his family while dedicating most of his time to preparing for the UPSC examinations.

“I am committed to working hard so that one day I may be able to serve my country. Delivering for Amazon as a Flex partner has been a rewarding experience. The program has not only given me an opportunity to earn part-time income and support my family, but also the time flexibility to pursue my studies and prepare for civil service entrance exams,” says Sachin.

Maharashtra Public Service Commission exams

Pankaj Kumar Sharma preparing for UPSC exams and fulfilling financial requirements with Amazon Flex program

In addition to UPSC, he has also begun preparing for the upcoming Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) exam.

 Dr Karuna Shankar Pande, Director, Amazon Logistics, India, says, “Amazon India is committed to creating meaningful work opportunities for individuals from various walks of life. It is inspiring to learn about Sachin, who chose Amazon’s Flex program as a stepping stone to fulfilling his dream of serving his country in the future. It is also gratifying to see thousands of partners, such as Sachin, who have benefited immensely from the flexibility of the program.”

 Sachin’s story is an inspiration for many individuals who are looking for financial support to achieve their dreams but cannot commit to full time work. Any individual, including those whose circumstances do not fit the pattern of traditional work, can sign up for the program through the Amazon Flex App.

Pankaj Kumar Sharma managing home and USPC aspirations with the help of Amazon Flex Delivery partner program

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