Just five years ago, Ramakrishnan and his wife led a humble life running a courier service franchise business in Nagercoil. They had not expected their life to take such a dramatic turn when Amazon India reached out to him to join the Service Partner program.

Service Partner speaking with his associates in his office
Ramakrishnan, a Service Partner, speaking with his associates, who today deliver to almost 50 pin codes in Tamil Nadu

“My friend from Trivandrum had told Amazon about me. I was still a tad surprised but very pleased when I heard from such a renowned global brand!” Ramakrishnan was enamoured with the idea of collaborating with Amazon to grow the company’s logistics footprint in Tamil Nadu. He knew that his prior experience with the courier franchise would prove to be a valuable asset and he was ready to get going.

A humble beginning
Unlike most other such collaborations, Ramakrishnan did not need to dip into his savings to get the Service Partner program off the ground. Amazon provided guidance in setting up the basic infrastructure and a 150 square feet space, which helped him ramp up his business quickly. “They trained me and my staff on systems, processes, tools. They also assisted with planning and forecasting. Most of all, they instilled in us in the culture of Amazon – excellence in customer service. It has gone a long way in delivering joy and satisfaction to customers every single day and keeping motivation levels high.”

Ramakrishnan remembers his company’s first day of delivery. He accompanied his newly trained Delivery Associate. “We spoke to the customer for a few minutes and took first hand feedback. It got us thinking about what more we could do, where else we could deliver, and all the opportunities that lay ahead of us.”

Rapid growth followed
From just over 900 deliveries in Nagercoil a month supported by 3 delivery associates, Ramakrishnan’s business has expanded by 6 times in volume. His team now delivers to close to 50 pin codes in Southern Tamil Nadu like Sirkali, Marthandam and Thiruvarur . The business saw some testing times during the 2017 Cyclone Okhi but Ramakrishnan and his wife stood by each other and bounced back stronger and more determined. Along with his wife - whom he calls a powerhouse capable of singlehandedly managing all operations by herself - they today manage more than 10 delivery stations creating employment opportunities for more than 200 youth in the region. “With Amazon, opportunities abound to try and learn new things. The success of these initiatives is especially motivating for our team. We recently initiated Amazon Pay cash load at the doorstep of Nagercoil residents and it has caught the attention of our small town. Customers love the convenience it brings to their life,” he says.

On a personal level, his partnership with Amazon has enabled Ramakrishnan to write off his debts and live a life of dignity, respect, and comfort. “It was our collaboration with Amazon that gave us enough financial backing to access the best medical attention for an ailing close relative. For that, we will forever be thankful,” he concludes.