Sunil the delivery service partner at his centre
Sunil, Amazon's service delivery partner from Vadodara

Sunil’s life and business had hit rock bottom in 2014. After a bad investment of a huge sum in a distribution business that sank without a trace, he was unemployed and low on financial backing but motivated like never before to turn things around for himself and his aging parents. He saw a glimmer of hope when his friend told him about the Amazon Service Partner program.

“You’ve got to take the chance when you come face to face with it. You never know when your luck and hard work pay off!” Sunil says with conviction as he relates his story of turnaround. As a Service Partner who joined the Amazon India network in 2015, he was equal parts amazed and relieved that a global brand was willing to take a chance on a regular person without seeking any financial reassurance or investment to get things off the ground. All Sunil needed to bring to the table was motivation, courage, and a strong resolve to make amazing things happen. “And those were just the things I had in supply as I kicked off V Care Services in partnership with Amazon” he says.

Heart was set on success

With three employees and just 15 shipments a day to begin with, V Care Services was going to be stationed in Morbi, 350 kilometres away from Sunil’s hometown. Meagre financial resources left Sunil with just two options – renting a home or renting an office. He rented the office and slept there for a few months as he stabilized the early phase of his Service Partner business. “All I needed was an initial foundation to get me started. All I had to my name was my resolve to do well in life, but Amazon gave me the ground beneath my feet from which I could shoot for the stars. Even today, from workforce training and re-training to streamlining processes for a rapidly growing business like ours, Amazon has been extremely forthcoming with guidance and support.”

Sunil remembers his first ever shipment delivery like it was yesterday. Situated 12 kilometres away from town and in the middle of a ceramic industrial area, Sunil and his Amazon contact were both covered in white industrial dust as they reached their destination. But the satisfaction of having delivered the first ever Amazon package was unmatched. The customer too was pleased about receiving his first Amazon delivery and coming into the e-commerce fold despite living in a remote industrial area. What followed was a celebration rife with selfies and more between two Indians whose life was slowly and steadily turning around, thanks to Amazon.

A small-scale empire that continues to grow rapidly

From just three employees in 2015, V Care Services has grown to employ over 350 motivated individuals spanning a network of close to 50 delivery stations across Gujarat, Daman & Diu, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan. The company delivers close to 10,000 packages a day through its network for Amazon. With V Care Services, Amazon’s delivery footprint has reached tiny hamlets and towns like Rajpipla, Karjan, Pamoli and Dahej.

Beyond business, Sunil has earned the respect of friends and family for not only turning his own life around but also generating employment for the youth of his community and caring for their careers, livelihoods, prosperity and well-being. In addition to the 350-strong full-time workforce, Sunil also provides part time opportunities to associates when his delivery volume is more than usual. These part time resources join V Care Services full time if they perform well and when such positions open up in the company.

Sunil thanks Amazon’s well-timed intervention in his life and the constant support and motivation from his parents for all the great things that have happened in his life in the last four years. “I had to borrow my friend’s bike to go for my first meeting with Amazon in 2015. It’s been a long road from that day to today, when I am able to afford a comfortable life for my aging parents and myself. Not just my life and lifestyle, my entire worldview about business and life has transformed. I couldn’t be more grateful!”