“Dear Amazon associates,” goes a heartfelt gratitude message from Saran Ramesh, “Thank you so much. Your hard work, honesty and kindness have impressed us immensely. You are the pillar of our Amazon family’s strength. Without you Amazon cannot be a No.1 online trusted shopping platform. Whatever the situation, you are the problem solver in pandemic times…. A very big thank you from the bottom of my heart. You all made our day so special with lots of happiness.”

You are the pillar of our Amazon family’s strength.
Saran Ramesh

Messages, creative posters and online posts have been pouring in this festive season from customers across the country to acknowledge the excellent work of Amazon’s associates across its operations network, come rain or shower, or even a pandemic! Saran’s message was one of the many wonderful entries of Amazon India’s #DeliverThanks campaign, which has now come to a close.

#DeliverThanks to Amazon’s frontline teams

Thousands of Amazon’s associates have been working relentlessly to ensure that customer orders are safely packed and delivered on time, especially in this festive season. No less than frontline warriors, they have been ensuring seamless and safe doorstep deliveries through the pandemic and beyond.

In recognition of the tireless efforts of its frontline teams, Amazon India had launched the #DeliverThanks campaign, encouraging customers to show their appreciation. Ever since, appreciative customers have been heaping praise and gratitude to all delivery associates, pickers, packers, sorters as well as other associates, who help deliver happiness to our doorsteps.

We are grateful to the tens of thousands of frontline associates who go out of their way to deliver festive happiness.
Ravi Desai
Director – Mass & Brand Marketing, Amazon India

Launched on October 15, 2021, the 17-day campaign drew to a close on October 31, 2021. It also featured a video that was conceptualized and produced by Organic by MSL. Commenting on the campaign, Ravi Desai, Director – Mass & Brand Marketing, Amazon India, said, “We are grateful to the tens of thousands of frontline associates who go out of their way to deliver festive happiness, the ‘khushiyon ke dibbe’ that our customers eagerly wait for. This campaign is a celebration of our frontline teams. The first edition of #DeliverThanks campaign saw thousands of messages and wishes from the customers for our associates. Keeping the essence of the campaign at its core, this year, we are also urging customers to #DeliverThanks and share their happiness in a creative and more personal way.”

Overwhelming response to #DeliverThanks

In response to Amazon’s call for showing their gratitude in this festive season, people took time out of their busy schedules to create wonderful tokens of appreciation for all of Amazon’s frontline teams. Dr. Avi, a paediatrician, had this to share, “Thank you Amazon associates for working long hours to make our festival shopping amazing! Thank you for being our happiness.” Winning entries poured in from customers like Dr. Avi, Sharda Jha, Satej Pradhan, Mistuni Banerjee, Priyanka Bharti, Varinder Kaur and many others. People came forward with their heartfelt messages, excellent illustrations and innovative ways of saying, “thank you”.

Thank you Amazon India for safe and fast deliveries.
Sharda Jha
Amazon customer

Amazon customer, Sharda Jha, designed a truck out of cardboard, illustrated with a beautiful thank you message for Amazon’s delivery associates. Her message said, “Thank you for delivery of happiness.” Ruchika Talwar, another happy customer, created a lovely painting of a delivery associate riding a scooter. The accompanying message said, “Thank you Amazon India for safe and fast deliveries, and for making my life so happy and colourful. Love you guys #DeliverThanks!”

The campaign saw many customers and their families designing wonderfully creative “thank you” posters and leaving them at the doorstep for delivery associates. Take the case of the Mumbai-based dentist, Dr. Neha Gangar. She took a used PPE kit, sterilized it and made festive Diwali hangings from it for the frontline team. Her message read, “Thank you @amazondotin for delivering parcels at our doorstep in the fastest and safest way...so here’s a gift I made for the Amazon team...wish you a Happy Diwali in advance!”

These posters and “Diwali gifts” have been providing great joy to delivery associates at customer doorsteps. Especially with beautiful poetic messages like that of Sakshi Ahuja, who wrote, “Diwali se pehle hi mera ghar jag magga utha hai/ Yeh woh Boxes of Happiness hai jo Amazon deliver kiye jaa raha hai [My home has begun to dazzle brightly even before Diwali/ Thanks to the boxes of happiness delivered by Amazon]. Thank you Amazon Associates for Delivering Boxes of Happiness even during hard times.”

Gratitude galore

Amazon customers like Usha K Jain, Deepa and Sweta, participated in the campaign with enthusiasm, taking pictures of their #DeliverThanks messages and posting them on their social media handles. Amazon India has shortlisted the most creative entries and the winners will be announced shortly.

Although the #DeliverThanks campaign has come to a close, the kind appreciation of all participants will go a long way in motivating the Amazon team to continue providing excellent service into the future.