Kerala-based Brijesh Kumar, a Delivery Service Partner (DSP) with Amazon, is not just a successful entrepreneur but also someone who has empowered women and the community at large by creating diverse work opportunities.

His dream was always about becoming an entrepreneur and starting his own logistics business. He turned this dream into reality as he started his journey with Amazon as a Delivery Service Partner in 2017. With sheer grit and determination, Brijesh slowly but surely built on his entrepreneurial enterprise. Today, he runs six delivery stations in Kerala, across cities like Palakkad, Kalpetta, Kodungallur, Kurukanchery, Korrati, and Vadanapally. Across these stations, Brijesh provides diverse work opportunities to close to 300 delivery associates.

The journey to entrepreneurship as Amazon’s Delivery Service Partner has been very fulfilling.
Brijesh Kumar, Amazon’s Delivery Service Partner and Managing Director of Gods Own BA.

“The journey to entrepreneurship as Amazon’s Delivery Service Partner has been very fulfilling. There have been challenges in the path but I cherish every element of this journey. Over the last five years, I have grown exponentially, creating diverse opportunities for women and youth across different cities in Kerala. All this has been possible because of the incredible support from Amazon,” says Brijesh Kumar, Amazon’s Delivery Service Partner and Managing Director of Gods Own BA.

“Their training, sophisticated delivery technology and knowledge in the logistics sector has not only helped me against the initial business challenges but has also enabled my business to grow at a rapid pace,” he says.

Brijesh has always dreamt big and worked hard to achieve them. However, even while managing his logistics business, he has managed to strike work-life balance. He enjoys family time and continues to pursue his passion for singing and even performs for local bands, weddings, and during festive occasions.

Creating diverse work opportunities

Brijesh aims to expand his business across different cities in Kerala and positively impact more lives by creating job opportunities over the next few years. He also wants his business to serve as an opportunity for youth to build their career in the logistics sector.

Brijesh has also set up an all-women delivery station in Kerala, which employs more than 40 women delivery associates. This all-women delivery station complements Amazon India’s efforts to increase opportunities for women in the logistics sector whilst strengthening its Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity (DE&I) commitment. The company already has seven all-women delivery stations operated by partners, one each in Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Mizoram and two each in Kerala and Andhra Pradesh.

Building last mile delivery network

Dr Karuna Shankar Pande, Director, Amazon Logistics, India says, “It brings me great pride to see Brijesh and the other small and mid-sized business owners growing exponentially and benefiting from Amazon’s Delivery Service Partner program. The willingness of these new entrepreneurs to learn, grow and succeed is what sets them apart from others. With right guidance, these entrepreneurs not only build a successful business, but they also create additional job opportunities for hundreds of thousands of associates.”

As Amazon scales and expands its delivery network across Kerala this festive season, it continues to enable individuals to realise their entrepreneurial potential and create opportunities to broaden their horizons through its Delivery Service Partner program. This last mile delivery program empowers aspiring entrepreneurs to build their own last mile delivery business capabilities from the ground up, with support infrastructure, technology, and a suite of services. This has enabled many entrepreneurs to create thriving small businesses and deliver to Amazon customers across the country. Currently, more than 300 entrepreneurs are managing close to 1,800 Partner Delivery Stations in more than 900 cities and towns.

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