Have you ever thought who are these people, who never let you wait extra for your delivery? People who never let your box misplace among millions of other boxes. Let’s meet these Stars who make sure that your boxes reach you at your door steps and hear from them, what makes their job special for them.

Box stars Amazon India

'Amazon gave me everything that I ever wanted'

#BoxStar Shubham: Picker, Delhi: "I am the eldest in the family of 5. Everyone is dependent on me. We didn’t have enough money to pay the rent till last year. But when I joined Amazon on March 20th, everything changed. I have a good environment to work in, good salary, and a lot of respect. I got my sister married. I was very fond of guitar. I not only bought one but started learning it professionally as well now. Amazon gave me everything that I ever wanted."

Box stars Amazon India

'I helped my dad become debt-free'

#BoxStar Budhavati, Packer, Delhi: "We’re 6 brothers and 2 sisters. My parents are dependent on me. I wanted to study further, but because of a loan, I had to give up my studies for work. I was fortunate enough to find a job at Amazon. I saved the money and paid all my loans. I feel good seeing my father finally free of debt and happy. I get my salary on time and the environment is also good. All I want now is to work hard, become a PA and buy my own house."

Madhuri Dixit interacts with Amazon India Box stars

'My life's normal again'

#BoxStar Anantha, V V Mobile – Truck Driver: "It was 2017, I met with an accident while working in factory and had to resign because of that. It was hard find another job after the horrifying incident but I guess destiny had some other plans for me. I started working as a driver with a company that was associated with Amazon. The discipline maintained in the yard, dock, the mandatory use of safety vests and even the SOPs being followed for COVID are exceptional. I had never thought I would be able to return to a normal life but Amazon, for sure, helped me rise back to a better, stronger and a more disciplined person. I am a happy truck driver for Amazon packages."

Box stars Amazon India

'This job gave me an identity'

#BoxStar Satyam, Sort Centre Associate, Delhi: "I was 12 when I found out that I am a transgender. Everyone laughed at me and I had to leave school after Class X. Even my family became distant. I had to be a part of ‘Toli-badhaaiya’ to survive. With the help of an NGO, I got a job in Amazon. Before this, a lot of companies had refused to hire me. But Amazon gave me my identity. Here, I am treated equally. I proudly say that I am an Amazon Associate."

Box stars Amazon India

'My kid's studies are now uninterrupted'

#BoxStar Usha, Delivery Partner Associate, Bangalore: "I wanted to send my kid to a good boarding school, which is why I opened a stationary shop but to no avail. Whatever I earned was barely enough to run the house. COVID made the situation worse. I wanted extra income. That time, I heard about Amazon’s I Have Space program. I joined it immediately. Since then, I am associated with them and I earn well enough to make my kid study. I can’t thank Amazon enough. I can’t imagine how my life would have been without Amazon."

Box stars Amazon India

They’re happy and this happiness reflects in their packing, picking and delivery. This is why, every box reaches its destination happily.