The festive season is upon us, and as people across the country are busy in their festive shopping, we take you behind the scenes and get you up close and personal with some of the people behind your "shopping box." Yes! Meet our associates and delivery partners, who are the foundation of our entire system, and it is their hard work and commitment that we want to salute this festive season.

So come and join us in this journey as we unveil stories of passion, hard work, and joy and share with you some stories of our superheroes.

Meet those "Behind the Box" this festive season

Dancing Divya

“My brother and I love dancing to Kannada film songs”, says Divya, a dancer and associate at one of our Fulfillment Centres and a girl, who is supporting her family's financial needs, but with a smile. Always found with a barcode scanner in hand and a warm smile on her face, Divya in her free time is often grooving to filmy songs even as she efficiently goes about her job of picking products from their designated slots. Her dedication to enjoy every bit of her day inspires many around her and she helps lift everyone’s mood with her infectious energy, enthusiasm and yes, her love for dance!

Ambitious Ali

Meet the people Behind the Box (Amazon India) - Part 2

Dropping out of school in the seventh standard, after losing hiis father and not having the education he desired, Ali was determined to support his younger brother’s education. Ali, is a young, compassionate and ambitious associate, who is a dependable driver and when at the wheel ensures that packages are seamlessly transferred from one port to another.

The sole bread winner in his family, Ali always has a smile on his face and a kind word for everyone he meets. He supports his family, consisting of his mother and his younger brother. As drives along he has only thought in his mind, "to help my brother study further” and this kees Ali motivated at his job. We salute him!

Behind the Box (Amazon India) - Part 3

Daring Dadapeer

A fierce cricketer and a super dependable friend, meet Dadapeer, one of our delivery associates who having worked in farming and who has a passion for cricket, knows the time and hard work it takes to succeed.
Be it summer, winter, or monsoon, Dadapeer always shows up to work with a positive attitude and a broad smile.
Having played district level cricket, he says, "Just like in the sport, while doing deliveries too you have to be alert and focussed at all times!" Dadapeer, we thank you for bringing that same level of focus to your delivery job.