Ever since Shinder Kumar got his driving license in 2020, he has stopped worrying about providing for his family. As a truck driver with an Amazon trucking partner, Shinder has been expertly navigating the hilly terrain of Jammu and Kashmir, ensuring timely delivery of packages to Amazon’s customers.

The trucker delivering Amazon packages
Being a trucker helped support Shinder with the fees needed for the education of his younger sisters.

“Working as a truck driver for Amazon’s trucking partner in India has not only provided a source of steady income for me, but it has also given me the opportunity to bring joy to customers even in the northern most regions of the country,” says Shinder. One needs to be a very skilled driver to navigate through NH44.

Over the last two years, this job has enabled me to support with the fees needed for the education of my younger sisters and brother. I have also received many safety trainings, conducted by Amazon, that has helped me up-skill myself as a truck driver and navigate the mountainous regions of Jammu and Kashmir.
Shinder Kumar, truck driver with an Amazon Trucking Partner

Daily wage worker turned driver

Things were not so smooth earlier. Being the eldest in a family of 7 members, Shinder started working as a daily wager for different construction agencies after he completed his secondary education. His work with construction agencies provided him with daily wages for only half a month, while the rest of the month brought uncertainty of income for him and his family. He then began assisting truck and bus drivers as a helper and soon learned to drive in the process. This encouraged him to pursue driving as a career.

Jammu & Kashmir Delivery Partner Images
Shinder often drives on NH44, which passes through some of the most demanding terrain of the country.

Terrain alert: Ensuring safety and security

After Shinder Kumar received his driving license, he got acquainted with Khurshid Bhatt, an Amazon trucking partner who has been working closely with truck drivers such as Shinder to provide training to them as they navigate through the hilly regions of route NH44. Khurshid first provided Shinder with the opportunity to drive from Manesar to Srinagar. Shinder drives to Srinagar through the highly secure and regulated NH44 highway, which passes through some of the most demanding terrains of the country, making it a challenging route for truck drivers like him. To ensure safety of truck drivers like Shinder, Amazon has enabled them with technology-driven solutions such as the Driver Assistance System that helps them navigate their transportation route.

Amazon's driver-focused initiatives

Amazon focuses on technological solutions, fleet health and compliance to build a strong culture of safety through safety-focused initiatives for all its trucking partners. The company introduced the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) and Driver Monitoring System (DMS) to help trucking partners drive safely by using machine vision recognition technology. ADAS critical warning system provide drivers with warning in critical situations prompting them to maintain a safe distance and follow road safety norms. Similarly, Driver Monitoring System (DMS) alerts drivers when they are drowsy- or distracted. Amazon also equips trucking partners and its drivers with tools that enables them to transport packages efficiently and report delays or disruptions while moving from one location to another.

Venkatesh Tiwari, Director - Middle Mile Operations, Amazon India, said, "Amazon is proud to have drivers like Shinder Kumar working with trucking partners like Khurshid Bhatt, who are dedicated to delivering packages to customers, even in the most challenging conditions. Amazon works with over 500 trucking partners in India to enable speedy and convenient deliveries across the country."

Jammu & Kashmir Delivery Partner Images
Amazon has armed truckers with a technology solution that helps them navigate their transportation route.

Dedicated Safety Ambassadors

The safety of truck drivers associated with Amazon trucking partners remain a priority for Amazon India. The company focusses on driver safety programs through dedicated Safety Ambassadors at their operational sites. These Safety Ambassadors guide drivers on critical safety aspects such as road safety rules, defensive driving techniques, firefighting training, yard safety, vehicle inspection etc. in their effort to promote safety the highest priority for its trucking partners. To build safety culture among its driver community, Amazon India also undertakes various safety tips/initiatives including safety webinars, dedicated carrier safety connects, safety email communications, and road safety campaigns at its operational sites.