The demarcation between one’s professional and personal lives can quickly blur for married couples that work together. However, there are several advantages too: Their shared values and familiarity with each other’s working styles can be a big propeller, even on bad days. Also, couples working together find it beneficial to be on the same workday cycle.

Within Amazon’s operations network—from fulfillment centres, sortation centres and delivery network—there are several examples of couples who work in tandem. The experience of working together, especially during difficult times like the COVID-19 pandemic, helped them improve their household finances and view each other in a different light, reigniting the spark in their relationships.

On a day that celebrates love and partnerships, read about couples that found financial success and are thriving, both professionally and personally, by becoming a part of Amazon’s operations network.

Sorting packages and life’s priorities—together

Yogesh Manubhai Khatri and his wife Sumanben Khatri
Sumanben and Yogesh Manubhai Khatri have been associates at an Amazon Sortation Centre since August 2022

Yogesh Manubhai Khatri and his wife Sumanben Khatri from Ahmedabad were struggling to overcome financial stress due to mounting loans. Yogesh lost his job due to COVID-19 and was compelled to work odd jobs. The couple was finding it difficult to make ends meet.

It was only after finding an opportunity in August 2022 to join an Amazon Sortation Centre as an associate that life began to turn around for the Khatris. “Being able to contribute financially to the household is very fulfilling and working at Amazon has given me the chance to work alongside my husband and be an ally to him at every step in our lives.” adds Sumanben.

Today, Yogesh and Sumanben are a testament of working together as a team, balancing both their personal and professional lives. They have found financial stability and support each other, both at home and work.

“Thanks to her unwavering support and the job opportunity at Amazon, I was able to pay off the loans accumulated during the lockdown period. We both work together now and contribute equally to household expenses” says Yogesh.

Embracing entrepreneurship

Pradeep Kumar and Poonam Thakur operate 3 delivery stations in Hyderabad
Pradeep Kumar and Poonam Thakur operate 3 delivery stations in Hyderabad

This husband-wife duo from Hyderabad—Pradeep Kumar and Poonam Thakur—co-founded their own enterprise—F2R Business—in September 2020. They operate three Amazon delivery stations across the city of Nizams, providing employment to more than 100 delivery associates.

Just two years ago, their story was very different. After the onset of COVID-19, Pradeep lost his job. But the entrepreneurial bug in him didn’t let him settle. He found out about Amazon’s Delivery Service Partner program and convinced Poonam to join him.

While Pradeep oversees day-to-day operations, Poonam leads the firm’s HR and finance. From operating just one delivery station, the power couple now operates three delivery stations. The experience has helped Pradeep and Poonam emerge stronger as a couple. “The journey to entrepreneurship as Amazon’s Delivery Service Partner has been very fulfilling. There have been challenges on the path but I cherish every moment of this journey. Over the last three years, I have grown exponentially, creating diverse opportunities in Hyderabad. All this has been possible because of the incredible support of Amazon and my wife. I’m grateful for having a partner like Poonam, both at home and at the workplace,” says Pradeep. “I have always believed in being independent, but with our own business, it has given us an opportunity to create hundreds of livelihood opportunities for locals in Hyderabad,” says Poonam.

Inspiring each other to succeed

Alpana Kakkar and Raman Kakkar
Amazon helped Alpana and Raman Kakkar use their entrepreneurial skills

Delhi-based Alpana Kakkar and Raman Kakkar have been married for over two decades. From working separately, to helping each other manage their own general stores, the couple tried everything possible to improve their financial situation. While they managed to control their working hours, they could not improve their earning.

Alpana discovered the benefits of Amazon’s I Have Space program, while she was looking for an additional source of income. She joined the program in September 2016 and started delivering packages in her free time.

In February 2020, Raman took the entrepreneurial plunge and decided to start his own business as a property agent to improve their financial condition. However, the couple received another blow as the outbreak of COVID-19, became a roadblock for Raman’s business. Taking inspiration from Alpana, Raman too joined the I Have Space program in August 2021, allowing him to deliver packages during his non-peak hours and earn additional income.

“Amazon has not only inspired us to use our entrepreneurial skills but has also strengthened our relationship and enabled us to support each other's success” adds Alpana. “Alpana has always been the smarter one in our relationship who has guided me, both personally and professionally. It was because of my wife that I joined Amazon’s I Have Space program, which I believe has been a very sensible decision says Raman.

Together, they have found financial stability. Even after Alpana suffered a brain hemorrhage last year, the couple fought through all health-related challenges, and continue to encourage each other to find independence and happiness.

‘Flex’-ibility is their success mantra

Mangesh and Dipali Mane
Mangesh and Dipali Mane are a part of Amazon’s Flex program

Mangesh and Dipali Mane from Mumbai have been married for over eight years. Mangesh began his professional life as an office staffer and became a freelancer after getting married to Dipali, a homemaker, in 2015. Four years later, he purchased an auto rickshaw to ferry passengers and supplement the family’s income. But even that was not enough to manage their ever-increasing household expenses.

Mangesh heard about Amazon’s Flex program that allows individuals to earn part-time income and create their own schedule to deliver packages in their spare time. He enrolled as a partner in February 2020. Over the past three years, Mangesh has grown to be his own boss, working in his own time as Amazon’s Flex partner, and spending quality time with his family.

Dipali continued as a homemaker but she wasn’t content with what she was doing and wanted to independently contribute to the family’s expenses and further improve their livelihood. Taking inspiration from her husband’s success as Amazon’s Flex partner, Dipali joined Amazon’s Flex program in August 2022. Today, the couple shoulders both household chores and delivery responsibilities together.

Amazon’s Flex program has not just given Dipali and Mangesh an opportunity to earn part time income but also taught them to appreciate each other’s strengths and support each other during challenging times.

“It has only been a few months since I became an Amazon Flex Partner but I am enjoying every bit of it. I’m glad to have taken this decision, which allows me to look beyond household responsibilities and contribute to family expenses independently,” says Dipali. “Over the last 3 years, the program’s flexibility has allowed me to pick my delivery schedule according to my convenience. This has not only given me an opportunity to further my earning potential, but has also allowed me to spend quality time with my family,” adds Mangesh.

Fulfilling dreams

Dipak Sunil Kadam and Manali
Manali and Dipak Sunil Kadam have been working together at Amazon’s Fulfillment Center in Mumbai for the past four years

Dipak Sunil Kadam and Manali have been working together at Amazon’s Fulfillment Center in Mumbai for the past four years. Collectively, they have found ways to balance work and personal life. Their mantra: Understand each other’s commitments, don’t dwell on problems and work towards finding solutions. With a stable income in place, Dipak and Manali bought their dream house in 2021 and later, a car. Dipak is also financially supporting his parents and funding his sister’s education.

Dipak and Manali cherish their time at Amazon and view their colleagues as part of their extended family. The training and career growth opportunities offered by Amazon has helped them secure a bright future for their family.