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The growing millets movement in India is all about embracing our culinary traditions and rediscovering the health benefits of forgotten superfoods. Amazon recently introduced the Millet Store, a one-stop shop on Amazon Fresh for SMB brands and startups that are bringing these ‘miracle grains’ in the form of easy-to-cook products. Explore products such as dosa mix, millet upma and more from trusted brands such as True Elements, Slurrp Farm, Tata Soulfull , Aashirvaad, 24mantra Organic and Pro Nature.

The health benefits of millets

Millets were among the “first crops to be domesticated in India with several evidence of its consumption during the Indus valley civilization”, according to a statement by India’s agriculture ministry. Millets are a varied group of small-seeded nutritional grains such as jowar, bajra, ragi, kangni, kuttu, and jhangora, among others. For their therapeutic properties, millets are also used in Ayurvedic medicines.

Millets offer 100% more dietary fibre, 20% more protein, 300% more iron, and a remarkable 600% more folate than white rice. More than an alternative, millets have now become the first choice for those seeking a well-nourished diet. Millets are also easy to cultivate as they require 70-80% less water as compared to rice and wheat.

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Millet varieties lend themselves well to traditional preparations such as pulao, dosa, and so on, besides serving as an ideal alternative for refined flour in baked goods such as muffins, pancakes, and bread.

Here are some millet brands from Indian companies that you should explore on Amazon Fresh’s Millet Store.

Manna Ethnic Millets on Amazon

1. Manna – Manna Ethnic Millets is a good source of dietary fibre, protein, iron, and folate. They offer a variety of minimally processed products including millet-based noodles and nutrient-rich grains. Cook up a nutritious meal in just 10 minutes and relish health benefits with every bite.

A new machine learning-powered solution called Johari will help swiftly identify damaged fruits and vegetables, ensuring a differentiated online grocery shopping experience for customers.

Shop Now: Manna storefront

2. Jiwa – Jiwa, which translates to soul, offers products such as certified organic foxtail millets, barnyard millets and barley flour. These are fibre-rich, nutritious whole grain options that seamlessly fit into your daily diet. These millets are minimally processed to retain their natural goodness, making them ideal for a creamy breakfast porridge.

Shop Now: Jiwa storefront

3. Vedaka – Vedaka’s gluten-free products such as finger millets, foxtail millets and jowar millets are packed with protein and fibre. Its products have a low glycaemic index which helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels and supports the good bacteria in your digestive system. Versatile and nutritious, Vedaka’s products make your diet healthier with its mineral-rich properties.

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Mille on Amazon

4. Millé – Millé offers an array of choices from whole grains to protein-rich snacks that are minimally processed and flavourful. Contribute to a sustainable future while indulging in delicious and nutritious products.

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24 mantra organics on Amazon

5. 24 Mantra Organic – 24 Mantra empowers farmers to grow organic produce that is carefully cultivated and traceable from seed to kitchen. Each step of the process is meticulously monitored, adhering to the principles of organic integrity. Ragi flour and parboiled Kodo millets are some of 24 Mantra Organic’s best-selling products.

Shop Now: 24 Mantra Organic storefront

Organic Tattva- Organic Tattva collaborates with accredited farmers who do not use harmful pesticides or genetically modified seeds. Their philosophy is based on sustainability, ecological balance, and nourishment derived from nature's purest offerings. Organic Tattva offers a wide range of products from Foxtail millets to ready to cook Ragi dosa mix.

Shop Now: Organic Tattva storefront

Slurrp farm millet noodles on Amazon

7. SlurrpFarm – No maida millet noodles is one of the top selling products of  SlurrpFarm. Its easy-to-cook noodles do not contain refined sugar, or palm oil, making it an ideal choice for those seeking healthier alternatives to instant noodles.

Shop Now: Slurp Farm storefront

8. Millet AMMA – From Millet rava to Millet pizza base, Millet AMMA offers a long list of food products rich in magnesium, Vitamin B3, and phosphorus. Indulge in a flavourful and nutritious meal that helps you stay healthy.

Shop Now: Millet AMMA storefront

9. Eat Millet – Eat Millet brings the nutritional power of millets to your plate with a range of ready-to-cook options such as little millet upma rava, multi millet idli mix and crispy millet mixture. With its focus on safety and quality, Eat Millet is dedicated to making millets accessible, enjoyable, and nourishing for everyone.

Shop Now: Eat Millet storefront

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10. Phalada Pure & Sure – Phalada Pure & Sure offers Unpolished Little Millet, sourced directly from farmers and processed under stringent quality control measures. Enjoy the authentic goodness of certified organic millets that are good for your health and well-being.

Shop Now: Phalada Pure & Sure storefront

9grams millets on Amazon

11. 9 grams – Experience the power of protein with 9 grams’ millet-based products such as sprouted millet chilla mix, multi millet granola and millet muesli. With a focus on quality ingredients and balanced nutrition, 9 grams offers a range of options that support your health goals without compromising on taste.

Shop Now: 9 grams storefront

Nourish Organics millets on Amazon

12. Nourish Organics – Nourish Organics offers a range of ready-to-consume snacks such as super grain granola and multiple varieties of cookies that are organic and free from harmful chemicals. They offer a nourishing and healthy alternative to processed foods, while also supporting sustainable farming practices.

Shop Now: Nourish Organics storefront

By choosing millet-based products, you're not only making a wise choice for your well-being but also contributing to a more ecologically conscious world. Explore the diverse range of millet-based options and embark on a journey of wholesome goodness.