Amul is one of India’s largest, most loved and trusted food brand. But, its appeal is not just restricted to this country as there has always been a global recognition of the brand and demand for its high-quality products. Not just from Indians across the world, but from people of other cultures as well.

Now, thanks to our Global Selling Program, Amul has made its digital debut in the US bringing along 'the taste of India.' For Amul, it was a natural progressive move to go online. With its launch on Amazon, international customers get access to its delicious products such as the Amul Ghee and Gulab Jamun from the comfort of their homes. Amul’s Ghee is currently ranked as one of the top SKUs on in the 'Butter & Margarine' category.
Amul has been exporting its products to the US for the last 20 years, but selling through the traditional retail channel. Now, partnering with us, Amul aims to make a smooth transition into the online world as well.

'The Taste of India' Goes Global

In September 2014, the 'Make in India' campaign was launched by the Indian government to encourage multi-national firms to setup their manufacturing units in the country. Taking on the cue, in May 2015, we launched our Global Selling Program. The idea was to provide a platform that could take the 'Made in India' products to consumers across the globe. We created a simple and convenient solution for sellers by not just listing their products online but also by handling imaging, logistics, tax advisory and remittance.

The customer response to this was nothing short of brilliant. The demand for local Indian products increased among global consumers across ethnicities. Gopal Pillai, Director and GM, Seller Services, Amazon India, confirms that the Global Selling Program, currently, has over 18,000 merchants listed who sell their products to millions of consumers in 9 international markets.

Amul Leverages Amazon’s Competencies

Jointly owned by over 3.6 million milk producers in Gujarat with a turnover of over 23,000 crore, Amul's success story is legendary. It has been a frontrunner in innovation in many ways; be it as the champion of 'The White Revolution', channeling profits directly to the dairy producers or through its much-loved one-liners that reflect the mood of the nation. But the primary reason for Amul's popularity is its product quality, which has remained consistent throughout.

Now, by leveraging Amazon's knowhow in the online retail space for the last 20 years, Amul has become an Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) seller; allowing Amul to store its products in our warehouses. We also handle packaging and delivery of orders apart from providing customer service and managing returns; thereby providing an end-to-end solution for a brand to make its presence felt globally.

For the Indian sellers - entrepreneurs, SMEs, manufacturers as well as large brands - this is an excellent opportunity to take part in the digital economy and expand their international revenue base. And for Amazon, this is a great step in executing our vision of creating an ecosystem that enables Indian companies to scale globally.

Amul is a cooperative federation of milk producers in Gujarat, India, that ranks among the top 15 dairy companies of the world. After two decades of selling its products to the US customers through the retail channel, Amul has taken a digital leap by joining hands with Amazon.

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