To say that 2020 was a tough year would be an understatement. It was a physically exhausting and mentally draining year on all fronts but it was also a year that brought forth the fighter within you. It was a year that triggered conversations and forced you to think of the well-being of the one person whose health you put on the backburner - you.

So this World Health Day, let’s talk about the various aspects of staying healthy - from stress-relief ideas to consuming the right food items and using applications that make living a healthy life effortless - here’s everything you need to know about self-care in 2021.

Conversations on mental health

The pandemic has been painstakingly impactful on the mental and emotional wellbeing of several individuals. Hence, focusing on quarantine health and the awareness around it has led more and more people to address mental health issues like depression and anxiety as significantly as a fever or common cold.

Dr. Shelja Sen, the author of the popular self-help book ‘Reclaim Your Life’ states that one in four people can have mental health issues in their lifetime. The stigma surrounding it has made people stay in their shells and suppress their feelings which has also led to many instances of suicide. Through narrative therapy, Sen tries to honor the dignity of this experience by highlighting the problem as the problem, and not the person.

In addition to this, a number of authors and experts have recommended meditation as the key to reduce internal and external struggles. Elaborating on this, spiritual leader Daaji (Kamlesh D. Patel) believes that meditation is important to keep your mind and consciousness healthy. It can be practiced anywhere and at any time and helps purify negative thoughts, depression, fear, and anxiety which are now global health issues. With regular meditation, you will feel carefree and achieve a sense of level-headedness in any activity you choose to perform.

Eat desi, think healthy

The choice of good health starts from small but significant lifestyle changes that you can incorporate regularly. For example, having a perfect diet plan with nutritious food items can help elevate your mood. Similarly, starting your day with the right beverage can go a long way in increasing your productivity.

A hot cup of turmeric tea has a host of beneficial properties that can improve quarantine health. Being a natural blood purifier, turmeric (haldi) is a superfood that cleanses the toxins from your body. It also lowers cholesterol, improves diabetes, controls blood pressure, and improves digestion in the body. You can purchase a packet of organic turmeric tea from VAHDAM - an award-winning premium tea brand based out of Okhla, New Delhi. The brand also caters to ashwagandha cinnamon, masala, chamomile, and other varieties of herbal teas.

You can also go the extra mile by using an organic and vegan-free supplement by Aarshaveda, made from organic roots to boost your immunity and strengthen your cognitive functioning while conquering global health issues, one step at a time. The powders are USDA approved making them ideal for your health. You can mix them with your brewed cup of tea and other tonics. Available in chyawanprash, avipattakar, ginger, and haripataki powders, to name a few.

India’s leading nutrition and exercise science expert, Rujuta Diwekar, also recommends a few DIY tips for kids to stay healthy which include gadget-free meals, saying no to junk food, and exercising along with the entire family. You can find all the tried and tested methods in her book ‘Notes for Healthy Kids, and for Parents Too!’

The work-from-home lifestyle

While most working professionals are staying at home, sitting in front of your laptops for 9-10 hours can cause strain on your spine and ruin your posture. Work from home in the correct manner with Strack.

This wearable device helps to correct your posture by vibrating every time you slouch. You can use it as a Fitbit for your spine, as the device uses AI to detect your posture. Connect it to your iOS and Android devices to get started.

You can also put your phone in Zen Mode to focus on your work without distractions. Available in most leading devices, this feature mutes notifications from most social apps for a stipulated time frame. You can also use it after work hours to achieve that healthy work-life balance you’ve always dreamt of.

This International Health Day, we urge you to take charge of your health first and make self-care the new normal for yourself and those around you.