Jobs and Wozniak built their first computer in a garage. Ben and Jerry started their first ice cream shop in a renovated gas station. Disney started as a cartoon studio in the 1920s, and now produces entertainment on a global scale. And like all these other stories, Mukesh Chippa is having his own fairytale with Rapsodia.

It’s all about family business

The family business, which can trace its roots back to Bagru, a small village near Jaipur, was started in 2016. But Mukesh and his family were no strangers to the garment industry. Long before their venture into designing fashionable fusion wear for women, the family used to supply printers and fabrics to major exporters. But it wasn’t long before their collective prowess and taste for fashion got them into designing. Rapsodia—a label was born!

The family was quick to realise the tremendous potential of the online market and the role it played in empowering artisans. With Mukesh’s sharp business acumen leading the way, the humble family decided to play in the major league—the e-commerce platform.

The journey from offline to Amazon

The small brand set up their online business with none other than Amazon. But Rapsodia’s journey to connect with the domestic market began much before their partnership with the tech giant. The brand’s director, Mukesh, spoke about how the absence of a data and rating system made selling offline difficult. The sellers didn’t have a system in place that would help them think numbers. But after getting onboard with Amazon, Mukesh has realized how much simpler and organized things are for his company in comparison to other options.

The small business was amazed by the benefits of partnering with Amazon. The brand only had to address sales and focus on production while the e-commerce platform provided valuable inputs and support on Sales, Branding, Promotions, Operations, and Inventory Management.

With Amazon, the small business has managed to clock in good sales month after month in just a few years. “The numbers have been nothing but supporting and motivating,” said Mukesh. Amazon’s aid in focused campaigning and relevant marketing has helped the brand in the long run.

Mukesh lauded Amazon’s photo shoot support which has helped his products attract more customers. He feels that the distinct pictures help his customers make a more informed purchase and promote sales. With a host of services in its repertoire, Amazon has truly helped Rapsodia grow as a brand.When asked about the brand’s peak periods, Mukesh said that his collection got an amazing response during the ‘Great Indian Festival’. Rapsodia, for the period from August to October, showed a huge growth on Amazon.

After Amazon, there is no looking back

The brand had tried its shot on another marketplace but saw that there was no holding and sales support which is essential for any supplier to become a leader in the category. But Mukesh felt right at home with the Amazon panel which provided Rapsodia the right kind of support it needed to bloom.

The apparel brand is all set to expand its catalogue with plans to launch a whole new wide range of bottoms. The brand has got pants, palazzo, skirts, culottes, and more lined up for their customers. The small business was full of praise for Amazon and all it has to offer.