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Traveling with friends and family across the country seems like the perfect getaway for most. However, it’s never too easy for women to maintain toilet hygiene in the open. Unlike men, women have to sit and urinate, making it an uncomfortable experience outdoors.

The Eureka moment started with a comment by Sirona founder Deep Bajaj’s wife, who nonchalantly commented one day that she thinks India had more public amenities for men. “Take Delhi, for instance. There are approximately 1500 urinals for men in comparison to 200 for women”, says Bajaj. This was when he decided to dive into this space to rid women of their uneasiness while traveling outdoors. In order to address these issues Bajaj came up with ‘Sirona’ - the parent company of PeeBuddy in 2015 - giving India its first standing pee device for women.

Even though global wasn’t our radar initially, the convenience to market the products and sell to customers abroad through Amazon has been a smooth process.
Deep Bajaj
Founder, Sirona

Unpatched the stigma

Over time, ‘Sirona’ that launched a series of firsts to secure intimate and menstrual hygiene for women in India, and now, the world. The brand has been declared as one of the Amazon Global Selling Accelerator Program winners and has received a great response from its audience.

In fact, PeeBuddy is already an Amazon Choice and bestseller in the US. With an array of sustainable menstrual health products, Sirona demystified the taboos surrounding women’s intimate health in India and is now propelling awareness across the world.

Sirona was established in 2015 by both Deep and Mohit Bajaj in Delhi. With the launch of PeeBuddy, the company ensures a hygienic environment for women. All you need to do is fit the device conveniently between the legs to stand and pee. Not only would it prevent UTIs caused by coming in contact with dirty toilets but also go a long way in avoiding risks of posture or joint diseases.

Along with PeeBuddy, the company also provides disposable toilet seat covers, sprays, rash creams, underarm sweat pads, and wet wipes for intimate areas. Recently, they’ve also delved deeper into the menstrual hygiene space with India’s first biodegradable black sanitary pads, first period kit for women, period pain relief patches, and menstrual cups.

Building the awareness globally

Using Amazon’s diverse platform to reach most towns and cities, Sirona became a favorite in India. With their recent win through the Amazon Global Seller Initiative, the company has built a dedicated consumer base in the UK and US.

“Even though global wasn’t our radar initially, the convenience to market the products and sell to customers abroad through Amazon has been a smooth process,” says Bajaj. “There are no hassles of distributors or unnecessary listing fees. Through the click of a button, I can sell my products to a customer in New York, sitting at home here in India. Amazon has surely increased the accessibility for start-ups through its global initiative.”

The brand believes to positively impact the lives of many more women in the world by thriving in this space for the next few years. Bajaj is also excited to drop a whole new line of products under Sirona that will be launched soon.

Convenient, sustainable, and safe for women, Sirona has a solution for all your needs. Shop from the store to make toilet hygiene and menstrual health smooth sailing.