Want to kick off your mornings with a weather update or some music? What if you could automatically turn on the lights at home when the sun goes down? Thanks to Alexa, you can all this and more, all without you saying a word.

How to set up an Alexa Routine

Now that you know how Alexa can be your personal assistant, here's how you can set up Routines:

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  1. Open the Alexa app
  2. Click 'More' and select 'Routines'
  3. Select 'Plus'
  4. Select 'When this happens', and follow the steps in the app to choose what starts your routine
  5. Select 'Add action' and follow the steps in the app to choose the action of your routine. You can select multiple actions for the same routine
  6. Select 'Save'

Top Alexa Routines

We've collected 16 popular Routines that people love the most. To access any of these Routines, just say, "Alexa, enable [Routine name] ”.


  • Morning ritual: Alexa will give you the weather update, quote of the day, stock market update, and more.
  • All India Radio mornings: Alexa will wish you good morning, tell you the weather update, and play Vividh Bharathi on All India Radio.  
  • Tell me about my day: As you go about your morning, Alexa will tell you what to expect, the meetings on your schedule, and so on.
  • Start my day: Alexa will tell you the news, traffic updates, and remind you about pending bills, anniversaries, birthdays, festivals, and so on.
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Home automation

  • I’m home: When you return home from a busy day in the office, Alexa can welcome you with the day’s news and some relaxing music to wind down to.
  • Sunset light: Alexa will turn on the lights every evening so that you don't have to walk around the house doing it.
  • Lights off: In case you forget to turn off the lights, Alexa will turn do that for you when people aren't detected.
  • It's party time: Your smart lights can be tuned to different occasions. Enable this routine and Alexa will set lights to 5% brightness and play Bollywood party songs.

Health, mental wellness, entertainment

Alexa Routines for health and wellness

  • It’s time for Prime: Alexa will turn on the TV and tune into Prime Video so that you can continue to binge-watch your favourite shows and movies.
  • Daily dose of knowledge: This routine will deliver informative and educational content each day, such as interesting facts, historical events, scientific discoveries, or inspirational quotes.
  • Activate holiday mode: Alexa will announce the official start of the holidays and help you get in the holiday mood.
  • Challenge Akinator: Play the most interesting guessing game with Akinator, the virtual genie, who will attempt to guess who you are thinking of by asking a series of questions.
  • Nap time with Endel: Thinking of taking a quick break from work with a power nap? Alexa will help you recharge with some soft, gentle sounds.


  • Bedtime routine: Alexa will remind you to do your night-time skincare routine and specific skincare products to use.
  • Late night sleep aid by Endel: Late night? Alexa will help you fall asleep quickly. Soothing sounds will help you sleep comfortably and wake up feeling well rested.
  • Good night, Alexa: Your favourite assistant will play calming music or white noise when it's time to hit the bed and set a timer to turn it off as you drift into sleep.

To learn more about Alexa Routines, visit the Alexa Hub Routines Page.