Bala Sarda believes that entrepreneurship is about exploring new avenues and persevering during challenges. Talking about his own experience, the Vahdam Teas CEO says, “This was a time when you’re just hitting shots in the dark. Get some random investors. One email we wrote to Jeff Bezos – hey we are trying to do this and will you be an investor. Cute, but yeah.”

Fourth generation entrepreneur
The Great India Festival is the fourth generation teapreneur’s favorite time of the year as growth opportunities are galore. "The Great Indian Festival is extremely important for a brand like Vahdam. We reach thousands of new consumers across India during this time of the year,” he adds. Sarda also shares his excitement to add new pin codes with Amazon India.

Oprah Winfrey's 'Favourite Things'
Ask what he likes the most about Amazon India and pat comes the reply: “With Amazon, you trust and identify your winners, scale up your winners, identify your failures, and move to the next thing.” As Sarda's business with Amazon soares, he has received appreciation from luminaries such as Oprah Winfrey and Jeff Bezos.

Airplanes anyone?
What does he wish to buy next on Amazon? Airplanes. “You guys (Amazon) sell everything else. I recently set up my house and there was nothing I could not find on Amazon. So, let me get that money and you guys get that airplane on Amazon,” Sarda laughs.

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