Indian bedsheets, scrub apparel sets and windshield sunglasses seem to have caught the fancy of the world. These were amongst the most popular ‘Made in India’ products sold by Indian exporters during the recently concluded Prime Day, held on July 11-12, across the world (Prime Day for Prime members in India was held on July 15-16.) Several Indian brands— Linenwalas, Minimalist and Einstein Box to name a few—recorded up to 5x growth during these Prime Day global events.

14% more Prime members shopped hundreds of thousands of deals this year as compared to Prime Day 2022. At its peak, 22,190 orders were placed in a single minute.

Beauty, apparel and home categories lead the charge

Indian exporters sold hundreds of thousands of ‘Made in India’ products to customers across the world with highest year-on-year growth recorded across categories such as beauty (125%), apparel (122%), home (81%) furniture (75%) and kitchen (52%).

Overall, Indian exporters on Amazon Global Selling surged ahead with nearly 70% year-on-year growth. In doing so, these enterprising exporters surpassed the average growth rates of previous Prime Day events. The US, UK and Middle East drove business growth, while Japan emerged as a new high-growth destination where sellers recorded over 55% business growth year on year. This success underlines the growing significance of small businesses and start-ups across India in the country’s exports.

With more than 200 million Amazon Prime members globally, Prime Day has always been a key growth period for Indian exporters on Amazon Global Selling. This year, we saw thousands of exporters from across the country take lakhs of ‘made in India’ products to customers worldwide. With more and more people relying on ecommerce globally, we believe Amazon Global Selling will help accelerate the exports business for sellers of all sizes.
Bhupen Wakankar
Director Global Trade, Amazon India

Indian brands such as Homespun Global, California Design Den, Glamburg, Indo Count, Skillmatics, Himalaya amongst others participated in Prime Day 2023 events.

D2C Brands for Prime Day

What is Prime Day

Prime Day is Amazon's biggest shopping event, conceived as a way to celebrate Prime members. The first Prime Day event came to life on Amazon’s 20th birthday on July 15, 2015 in the U.S. In India, the first Prime Day was launched in July 2017.

Prime Day in different countries

Prime Day was held on July 11-12 in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, the U.S., and the UK. For Prime members in India, Prime Day was held on July 15-16.

Building global appeal for Indian products

Ahead of the annual shopping extravaganza, Amazon worked closely with Indian exporters to identify key shopping trends and bring in relevant product assortment. Amazon also supported them with cross-border logistics and payments, besides others, to get their inventory ready. Amazon also recommended a range of deals and advertising options to choose from.

Wakankar adds: “As we work towards our pledge of enabling $20 billion in cumulative exports from India by 2025; the entire team at Amazon Global Selling remains focused on making exports easy and accessible for small businesses, and contributing to the Indian government’s vision of boosting exports from the country.”

Founders share their experiences of Prime Day 2023 – selling to global customers

Madhur Singhal, founder of Linenwalas said that Prime Day 2023 was their “best-ever event” with 100% YoY growth and 6x increase in sales as compared to regular business operations.

Our success is the result of advanced planning for strategic product launches, active participation in deals, scaling up our marketing efforts, and ensuring meticulous inventory management.
Madhur Singhal
Linenwalas, Founder

Mohit Yadav, founder, Minimalist, said his company’s UAE business on Amazon is growing 107% YoY with Prime Day 2023 enabling spikes of 2x on day 1 and 4x on day 2.

Our innovative products like Niacinamide 10% face serum and Vitamin B5 moisturiser continue to dominate as best sellers, reinforcing our position as a trusted and preferred brand among consumers worldwide.
Mohit Yadav
Minimalist, Founder

Bharat Gulia, founder of Einstein Box, said his company recorded 5x growth compared to Prime Day last year.

The demand from global markets is indeed huge, and thanks to Amazon Global Selling, we have been able to significantly scale our business. The success we’ve achieved in global markets not only fills us with pride as an Indian manufacturer, but also enables us to create employment opportunities and make a positive impact.
Bharat Gulia
Einstein Box, Founder

What is Amazon Global Selling

Launched in 2015, Amazon Global Selling is a flagship ecommerce exports program that helps lower the entry barrier for Indian MSMEs and entrepreneurs to start or expand their exports business. It helps Indian exporters reach customers worldwide through Amazon’s international websites and marketplaces. Today there are more than 1.25 lakh exporters on the program, showcasing millions of Made in India products to customers in 200+ countries and territories across the world.