Close your eyes and think about that moment of anticipation after you’ve ordered a new product on Amazon and are eagerly waiting for its arrival. Think about the delivery partner ringing your doorbell, and you dashing to the door in your hurry to collect your parcel, which is dropped off by a Delivery Associate in a yellow jacket!

Yes, the Delivery Associate in a yellow jacket. We want you to stop there and think of all those associates who are playing a role in delivering happiness to countless such people. Beyond the delivery associate, there are thousands of associates across our Fulfilment Centers, Sortation Centers and Delivery Stations. Today, we are saluting them and their hard work by bringing you up close and personal with them and their stories. We tell you who they are, are their journeys and what their dreams are made of.

It feels good to make people happy and deliver smiles: Dileep

FC Associates - Deliver thinaks

Dileep is a loader and problem solver at one of our fulfilment centres, and true to his job title, Dileep is one of the most intuitive and resourceful people in our team. He is a quick thinker and possesses incredible people skills, and he is often found in deep conversation with his colleagues who go to him with every minor and major issue. Originally from Anekal, Bangalore, Dileep took up this job to support his family even though the job is entirely different from his family background. He loves working at Amazon since every day there are new challenges for him to solve. In the future, he hopes to keep working at Amazon and rise up the ranks for a supervisory role at his fulfilment centre.

My job has played a crucial role in supporting my family: Manoj

FC Associates - Deliver thinaks

Manoj is responsible for picking, packing and shipping large parcels like furniture and other outdoor equipment that requires individual delivery. Belonging to Munishwar Nagar, in Hosur, Tamil Nadu, Manoj is a small-town boy from a humble background with big city dreams. His job supports his family’s financial needs and he is proud to be working for Amazon, which is like a second family to him. He told us that playing a part in making customers happy is a fulfilling experience for him. Manoj loves to travel and aspires to open up a travel agency in the future, and he is currently saving up to turn his dreams into reality.

I aspire to be a government employee one day: Arpitha

FC Associates - Deliver thinaks

Residing in Hulimavu near Bannerghatta road in Bangalore, is Arpitha , a loading associate at Amazon. Her family’s background is in the service sector, yet Arpitha has picked a completely different career path for herself. When asked about what this job has done for her, she proudly claims that this job has aided her to become independent and support personal needs. She no longer has to depend on her family for her own financial needs and takes pride in contributing to familial expenditure. Her hard work makes millions smile, and she feels content that her work touches people everywhere. One day, Arpitha hopes to become a government employee, and she is working hard towards the goal.

I am the sole bread earner for my family at the moment: Asha

FC Associates - Deliver thinaks

Asha works as a packer at one of our fulfilment centres. Hailing from Attibele in Bangalore, Asha’s job at Amazon has helped her provide for her family since she is currently the sole bread earner in her family. While family members had stable jobs earlier, they have since been rendered unemployed and depend on Asha for their needsl. Asha has an infectious smile and often cheers people up around her with her optimistic approach towards life. She wants to go on to help those with disabilities and empower them in the future.

This job keeps me happy, especially when I see the customer’s smile: Vijay

FC Associates - Deliver thinaks

He hails from Lal Bagh Siddhapura and delivering products to eager customers and seeing them smile when he delivers packages is what he simply loves. “This job keeps me happy and yes, busy too,” he says. Saying that he is very content with his job here and the financial independence that comes with it, he says he “would like to move on to a higher position in the organization,” in the near future.

This job makes me want to reach greater heights: Dasrath

Originally from Orissa, Dasrath moved to Bangalore a few years back in search of a job. Not long after, he found himself in the Amazon Fulfilment Center. At first he found a stark difference between what he did back home, which is farming with his family in his hometown. But over time, he has found himself truly enjoying what he does. He says he understood his role in fulfilling customer’s needs even better during the pandemic, when many of his own friends and family members told him that online shopping was keeping them at home, and safe. A sorter at the Fulfilment Center, Dasrath wants to keep achieving greater heights in his career.

FC Associates - Deliver thinaks

These are just a few stories from the people behind the scenes who keep us running. A heartfelt thank you from all of us with a simple message on social media with #DeliverThanks can make them truly happy this festive season