Imagine being nestled high in the Himalayas, in a picturesque village accessible only by winding mountain roads and treacherous footpaths. A place where basic necessities require a day’s journey to the plains. This is an everyday reality for the people of Gajoli village and the Maharishi Ashram in the Uttarkashi district of India.

Delivering safely 4,500 sqft above sea level, for customers in the Himalayan ashram in Uttarkashi

There is one important link that connects the residents of Gajoli and the ashram with the outside world - Amazon deliveries.

Amazon began delivering packages to this remote Himalayan village—4,500 feet above sea level—when it established its Delivery Service Partner station in Uttarkashi in 2019. Delivery associates use motorbikes to skilfully navigate bridges and hairpin turns en route Gajoli and the ashram. When the 25-kilometre bike ride ends, the final leg involves a 3-kilometre trek on foot with the packages strapped to the delivery associates’ backs. Amazon customers at the ashram order different kinds of products, including electronic items, clothing, and even treats like chocolates. It is not an easy place to reach, which makes the ashram visitors appreciate the convenience of being able to receive Amazon packages even more.

Delivering safely 4,500 sqft above sea level, for customers in the Himalayan ashram in Uttarkashi

The weather and thin air throw its own curveballs: mudslides erase parts of the narrow, boulder-laden trail, and unpredictable downpours turn paths into swamps. But for Amazon delivery associates like Niteesh Kumar, these challenges are all part of a day’s work. They are fuelled by the joy on the faces of Gajoli residents and the relief experienced by ashram staff and visitors when essential supplies arrive. “Delivering packages in this terrain is often very difficult,” Kumar says. “But the difficulties that I face along the journey are worthwhile when I see the smiles on the faces of our customers. It makes me very happy!”

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 The two things driving the team are customer-obsession - as seen in Kumar’s commitment and safety of its delivery team in this remote location with tricky delivery routes. Everyday deliveries are started early at 7.30am so are completed by 1.00 p.m. to ensure the safety of the delivery associates as well.

Amazon becomes the first e-commerce company to work with the Inland Waterways Authority of India to facilitate cargo shipments on Indian waters. A pilot route will be launched between Patna and Kolkata.

In our relentless pursuit of customer obsession, we have built a strong operations network in India
Dr. Karuna Shankar Pande
Director, Amazon Logistics, Amazon India

“Over the last few years, we have significantly ramped up our infrastructure and delivery technology across all three miles, building a fast, safe, and resilient network to serve the varied needs of our customers, reaching the remotest corners of the country. The challenging terrain and extreme climate have traditionally posed obstacles to transportation, but I am thankful to the team that’s making the deliveries possible while ensuring the health and safety of our associates. This exemplifies our ability and commitment to deliver to customers wherever they are,” says Pande.

Delivering safely 4,500 sqft above sea level, for customers in the Himalayan ashram in Uttarkashi

Speaking of his journey with Amazon as a Delivery Service Partner, Rahul Kesar says, “It has been a fulfilling experience. With Amazon’s support, we have set up a highly efficient operational team. This has allowed us to serve our customers well in all the territories in which we currently operate. I want to continue growing with Amazon as we expand to other geographical locations over the next 3 years.”

Delivering safely 4,500 sqft above sea level, for customers in the Himalayan ashram in Uttarkashi

In addition to Gajoli, Amazon also delivers to unique and remote places in India like the world’s largest river island of Majuli and the unforgiving terrain of Srinagar.

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