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Mother of two daughters, Manvi Dhawan took a sabbatical of 7 years to fulfill her personal responsibilities, but she always wanted to return to work and had a vision of thriving as an entrepreneur. With Amazon’s support, she is materializing that dream today, not just alone, but with a team of hundreds of associates and eight delivery stations.

Post her double graduation from Delhi University and NIIT, Manvi started her first job. Over the next 15 years, she kept climbing the corporate ladder securing roles in leading banking and telecommunications brands. However, after working dedicatedly at a stretch, she decided to take a sabbatical to take care of her children.

Overcoming the fear and barriers

“I had worked very hard to climb the corporate ladder, but I had to take a break,” says Manvi. “My decision to support my children in their growing years was an important one. I was also clear that I would restart my career once my children started growing up,” she shares.

This time Manvi decided to be her own boss! While exploring various opportunities in 2020, she came to know about Amazon’s Delivery Service Partner (DSP) program through a friend. Guided by her and some online research, Manvi was convinced that the Amazon DSP program was perfect for her. In January 2021, with one delivery station at Panchkula, Manvi started her entrepreneurial journey!

The Delivery Service Partner program

As Amazon scales and expands its delivery network across the country it continues to create opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs through its ‘Delivery Service Partner’ (DSP) program. With this last mile delivery program, Amazon India partners with Small and Mid-sized Businesses (SMBs) and entrepreneurs like Manvi to deliver packages to Amazon customers. These small business owners are supported by the backing of Amazon’s more than 20 years of operational experience, best-in-class technology, and a suite of exclusively negotiated services and assets required to deliver Amazon packages safely and successfully. With this offering, new entrepreneurs have started businesses with low start-up costs and low working capital that is helping them operate their business seamlessly.

Adapting to a new work era 

Working as Delivery Service Partner with Amazon, I never felt like an outsider or a fresher.

“Over the last few years, the corporate world has transformed dramatically. Things operate in a very different way now,” says Manvi. “However, working as Delivery Service Partner with Amazon, I never felt like an outsider or a fresher. Rather, I felt supported. In fact, my return to work was seamless due to Amazon’s commitment to making its partners successful with tremendous support,” she adds, mentioning how senior leaders at Amazon facilitated various trainings. “The journey from one to eight stations would not have been possible without the DSP program,” adds Manvi.

Championing Inclusion and Diversity – the future goal

“Logistics is a male-dominated sector if we go by the numbers. However, whenever I go to the stations or any Amazon facility, I see plenty of women representation. This, somewhere, has motivated me too,” says Manvi.

Today, when Manvi talks about her future goals, she wants her business to serve as an example for women who want to venture in the logistics space. “We are currently present in Delhi and NCR regions, but I want to expand my geographical reach to more areas and impact more lives,” says the Noida resident.

Message for women

Age is just a number and cannot be a barrier to your dreams.

Having seen both her mother and mother-in-law as working professionals, Manvi’s zeal to keep building her career finds two great examples at home. “Age is just a number and cannot be a barrier to your dreams. I have seen ladies starting their businesses within my family at 50. So clearly, we create some barriers that are merely in our minds. We must overcome them, smash all stereotypes, and pursue our dreams,” Manvi concludes.

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