The Amazon community in India is widespread and truly diverse. It includes associates in Fulfillment Centres (FC), Regional Sort Centres (RSC) and Delivery Stations (DS) in not just metro cities but also some of the most remote parts of the country. In July 2017, Amazon India launched the first-of-its-kind radio channel as a communication and engagement tool that aims to connect every single one of the thousands of associates in FCs, RSCs, and DSs spread over 200 sites across the country. And this is the first-of-its-kind across the world for Amazon

Amazon Radio is a one-stop destination for useful information in the form of capsules and non-stop music to keep spirits high when associates are at work. The radio program is available in five Indian languages — Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Marathi. There is also a specialised exclusive set of five local radio programs for the delivery stations given the nature of work of the delivery associates.

Engaging our diverse associate community
The information capsules on Amazon Radio have been designed keeping in view the diverse business needs of associates in FCs, DSs, and RSCs. These include company news, product launches, initiatives, Amazon trivia, health and safety tips, etiquette, best practices, familiarisation of industry-specific terminologies, and CSR news. Special capsules on SALE deals, messages from Amazon leaders, light bite-sized training modules, success stories from across the organisation are also broadcasted through Amazon Radio. This channel is also used to recognise the great work delivered by associates and teams.

‘Amazon Radio Hotline’ is the most popular activity among our associates. They get an opportunity to dial into a dedicated hotline number. The Radio Jockey on the other end interacts with the associate for a few minutes followed by a song request by the associate. This content is then curated and aired on the radio streams. Associates are always thrilled to hear their voice on the radio.

Your music — all day, every day
Apart from news capsules, Amazon Radio is designed to keep our associates company and raise the bar for their working environment. Keeping in mind the diverse demographics and language needs of our associates across India, Amazon Radio delivers foot-thumping music round the clock in five Indian languages — Hindi for North, East, and Central India, Hindi and Kannada in Karnataka, Tamil in Tamil Nadu, Hindi and Marathi in West India, and Hindi and Telugu in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

All our associates need to do in order to tune in is to open the device-agnostic Amazon Radio website and hook the device to the speakers. That’s all it takes to get the party started!