No strangers to odd looks and antiquated thinking, the women of the all-female delivery stations in India are breaking stereotypes and blazing trails for women to follow in the future.

The delivery stations are owned by women, run by women, and for the betterment of women.

So when it came time for us to tell their story of empowerment, it only felt natural to turn to some of the most talented women in the business. The commercial director, Lisa Gunning, along with the cinematographer, editor, and heads of each department on set are all women.

Four women in India stand wearing their yellow Amazon vests and stand next to two delivery mopeds.
Pavithra, Alameda, Prema, and Gomathi who are delivery drivers in Chennai, India.

“This story is 100% about empowering women. Giving them the opportunity to provide for their families,” said Jo Shoesmith, the project’s executive creative director. “Who better to tell that story than women?”

Once the female-led crew was assembled, it was time to talk to the heroes of our story.

“I was fortunate enough to be able to interview these women. And hear their stories,” Gunning said. “They are on the front lines of changing attitudes toward women everywhere.”

Woman's World - Behind the Scenes

For many of these women, this is their first job. They are mothers and wives, and their jobs with the delivery stations mean independence for them.

“We work with the women so they can balance home life and work,” said Christina Samuel, delivery station relationship manager in Chennai. “Many of the mothers take a midday break to spend time with family and provide lunch for their children.”

Working within their schedules and understanding their needs, the delivery stations have opened new doors for these women and allow them to do things they may have only dreamed of doing in the past.

Keerthika wears a yellow Amazon vest and stands outside.
The women of the all-female delivery centers in India.
The women of the all-female delivery centers in India.
The women of the all-female delivery centers in India.
The women of the all-female delivery centers in India.

“I am now able to provide for my daughter’s education,” said Alameda, a delivery driver in Chennai, "without being financially dependent upon my husband.”

Beyond the financial benefits of working, the all-female delivery stations provide a safe place for other women. They are free to speak openly and independently as women, without judgement.

“This job gives the women confidence,” Samuel added. “They have become role models for their family. For their daughters.”