What does Prime Day mean to you and what is unique about it?

Prime Day is an interesting and an important event for us at an Amazon. It’s our annual shopping event when Prime members can discover joy with shopping, savings and blockbuster entertainment.

This Prime Day is especially important for us as we continue to empower small businesses, manufacturers, start-ups and brands, women entrepreneurs, artisans, weavers and local shops in India, helping them to bounce back from the COVID-19 impact. We are grateful for the opportunity to support their rebound during these hard times.

The most important part of our preparedness has been our continued focus on safety of our people and customers.

How has the Ops network prepared for Prime Day?

Like every year we have ensured that our operations network across all three miles is fully prepared and ready with the right infrastructure and capacity to support our sellers and ensure a seamless shopping experience for our customers. Just ahead of Prime day, we announced plans to expand storage capacity of our fulfilment network by 40% across India to support small and medium businesses.

However, the most important part of our preparedness has been our continued focus on safety of our people and customers. Across our operations network we continue to reiterate and ensure adherence to all COVID-19 safety protocols by our associates, and continue to ensure that vaccination is a ready choice for all of our associates, partners and their dependents with on-site vaccination and other channels including easy access to hospitals and vaccination re-imbursements.

What's your message for the DA’s & associates who play the most crucial role on Prime Day?

It wouldn’t be enough even if I say THANK YOU a thousand times to our partners and associates. Our delivery associates have been on the front line since the beginning of the pandemic and have been relentless in their efforts to keep India safe by ensuring seamless and safe doorstep deliveries through the pandemic and beyond.

I just want to remind everyone that your safety is our highest priority, so while you are out on the road delivering to customers this Prime Day, please ensure you prioritise your safety and adhere to all COVID-19 safety norms. Thank you once again, and all the best!

Prime Day in pictures

Prime day image where amazon associates are seen welcoming
akhil saxena talking to associates
delivery associates prepping up for prime day
akhil saxena with delivery associates
delivery associates in FC for prime day