Come rain or shine, thousands of delivery superheroes are out there every day. They delight us each time they ring the doorbell, bringing a smile to our faces—whether it be the latest laptop, a new outfit for a special occasion or even Biryani from one’s favourite restaurant.

This festive season, let’s do something special to put a smile on the face of all delivery associates—not just Amazon associates. Put your creative hats on and join us to show appreciation and #DeliverThanks by creating India’s longest Thank You note for delivery associates of every company.
It will be a compilation of the text-based messages, photographs, and videos that you share.

Deliver thanks

Here’s how it works:

How to participate in Amazon #DeliverThanks contest?

Step 1: When you receive your package this festive season between 6th – 20th October, think of the most creative way in which you can thank the delivery associate. Hint: it could be a piece of art on a paper, a poem you write or a song you compose – whatever best helps deliver the message and your talent. Your thank you message must be creative and unique! All delivery superheroes deserve our thanks.

Step 2: Get creative and go all out. Think flowers, diyas, lights. After all, this is the season to spread joy. Also, brownie points if your thank you message is made from sustainable materials or is recycled or upcycled.

Step 3: Click a picture or upload a video of your creation and post it on your social media handles using HASHTAG #DeliverThanks to take part in the contest. You can choose to tag Amazon handles on Twitter: @amazonIN, Instagram: @amazondotin, and Facebook: @AmazonIN. The most creative entries will be announced as winners.

Amazon #DeliverThanks contest prizes

Everyday 5 most creative entries will receive a Gift Card worth Rs 5,000 each. 5 winners will also be selected at the end of the contest for a grand prize of 12,000 each.

The thank you notes will be posted on a microsite – for the world to see.

Amazon #DeliverThanks contest requirements

*Please ensure:
• Your social media account is set to public so that we can see your post.
• Both hashtags are used in your social post.
Gratitude always nourishes your soul—don’t forget to say your Thank You.