While logistics is largely viewed as being a male-dominated sector, thousands of women are working as associates at Amazon's fulfilment centres across the country. There are several shining examples of women associates who are offering their duties admirably and finding financial independence and growth opportunities.

Financial independence

Kajal , amazon associate image
Kajal, Associate, Amazon India

A story that inspires is that of Kajal, a Process Associate who works at a fulfilment centre in Delhi. Hailing from a small town near Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh, joined Amazon soon after finishing 12th grade. While she unfortunately lost her father during the second wave of COVID-19 in May 2021, her job at Amazon helped her to support her siblings and mother, and provide food and shelter. She is now determined to provide good education to her younger siblings.

SHI associates
Monika, Associate, Amazon India

Thank you Amazon for giving me a ray of hope and a purpose to live
Monika, Associate, Amazon India

Monika from Khedijat (Haryana), had a rough start in life when she met with a fire-related accident as a 10 year old, where she suffered 75% burns. While she miraculously survived the accident, she later faced struggles due to an alcoholic and abusive husband. She courageously walked out of the marriage, but raising two children and surviving without any help and money was a challenge. Her job at the Amazon fulfilment centre in Sonipat involves packing customer orders. She not only has an opportunity to work in a secure and inclusive workplace, but her job is enabling her to care for her children and educate them. “Thank you Amazon for giving me a ray of hope and a purpose to live,” says Monika.

Nurturing Growth Aspirations

Ruby, Amazon associate image
Ruby, Associate, Amazon India

Ruby, from Bandau, Uttar Pradesh, who was one of six siblings growing up, has been very ambitious since childhood. Having dealt with financial struggles through her growth years, she found a job in a new city after completing her studies. Unfortunately, she struggled to find a congenial work environment, even after switching jobs. She joined Amazon as an associate in 2019 and has been promoted as a Process Associate as of July 2021. She truly values the inclusive and non-discriminatory work environment at Amazon, as well as the focus placed on safety.

At Amazon, I found that I was learning something new every day
Ruby, Associate, Amazon India

“At Amazon, I found that I was learning something new every day. I would always like to work in Amazon and continue to help my family like this. I am very happy; now we have our own house. Thank you Amazon, for giving me wings to fulfil my dreams,” says Ruby.

For Kajal, her job at Amazon helped her understand the importance of education. Inspired by seniors at work, Kajal enrolled herself into an undergraduate program and successfully completed her graduation. She too was promoted to the role of a Process Associate in July 2021. Kajal believes that Amazon has helped her to think big and made her confident, and skilled enough to support her family during these unprecedented times.

By working to identify the potential candidates and training them, sensitizing male colleagues on facilitating a conducive environment, and working with communities to change mindsets, Amazon has made considerable progress on growing the presence of women at the fulfilment centres.