Deepali and Amol Nalawade run their respective general stores in Thane, Mumbai and are also Amazon’s ‘I Have Space’ partners. Happily married for over 17 years with two daughters, they are true inspirations for working couples. While standing strong together, this couple cultivated their individualities and have been supporting their families financially.

“Amazon’s I Have Space program has encouraged us to channel our entrepreneurial abilities and run our respective businesses all by ourselves,” says Amol. “The program’s design allows us to deliver the packages in our non-peak hours, which has not only given us an additional source of income but has also allowed us to balance our life and family responsibilities seamlessly. More than anything, the amount of respect we have earned in society as I Have Space partners is unmatchable,” adds Deepali.

More than 28,000 partners in close to 420 towns

Through the program, Amazon India partners with local stores and business owners to deliver products to customers within 2 to 4 kilometers radius of their store, enabling them to supplement their regular income. Launched in 2015, the program has more than 28,000 neighborhood and kirana partners in close to 420 towns and cities across its network in India, including close to 3,000 IHS stores in Maharashtra. As Amazon scales and expands its delivery network across Maharashtra, it continues to enable individuals to unlock their entrepreneurial potential, and create opportunities to expand their horizons through various last-mile delivery programs.

How Deepali and Amol began

Before becoming a ‘I Have Space’ partner, Amol hustled for 7 years in the IT industry, while Deepali tutored the neighborhood children. Despite clocking around 12 hours a day at work, Amol wasn’t able to meet their rising household expenses and there was a lack of job satisfaction. Amol took the entrepreneurial plunge and started his own business with Prithviraj Chauhan General Store in Feb 2019. The store allowed him the flexibility to control his working hours, but the financial situation at home did not improve. He kept looking for an additional source of income, and came across Amazon’s I Have Space program through a friend.

It was through Deepali’s ex-students that they understood the benefits of Amazon’s ‘I Have Space’ program. Amol saw this as an opportunity to fuel his aspirations, find work-life balance, and earn additional income. He then enrolled himself in the program to earn additional source of income and became Amazon’s I Have Space Partner in March 2020.

Deepali continued working as a private tutor to support her family. However, she wasn’t content with what she was doing and wanted to additionally contribute to the family’s expenses. Deepali decided to become a delivery associate and joined her husband to deliver packages for Amazon in June 2020. Further, she took inspiration from other women entrepreneurs and went on to open her own store, Shree Sai Super Market, in September 2022 and became Amazon’s ‘I Have Space’ partner.

Even though Deepali and Amol work at their respective stores, they have managed to achieve work-life balance. Amol enjoys dancing at home and Deepali loves watching her husband dance. The couple is also very fond of pets and are parents to 3 cats.

Dr. Karuna Shankar Pande, Director, Amazon Logistics, India said “Amazon India is committed to providing work opportunities to individuals from various walks of life. Amol and Deepali are great examples of how two strong individuals can have their own successful identities, manage household responsibilities together, and be a strong support system for each other. It is fulfilling to see how they have immensely benefitted from the program and the additional income opportunity it provides.”

Delivering packages to customers is a great way to earn additional income and avail the upside of working with Amazon: Competitive pay, recognition, and benefits like insurance, among others.

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