Buying gold or silver on Akshaya Tritiya, also known as Akti, has long been associated with good luck, prosperity, and success. Expect a surge in jewellery and coins sale as Akshaya Tritiya falls on April 22 this year. During this period many people prefer to purchase gold or silver online as it is convenient, reliable, and hassle-free. Besides seeking the best possible deal, there are several other factors to bear in mind before making purchases on this auspicious day. Read on.

1) Verify the purity of gold

Gold purity is an important factor to consider when buying gold online. The purity of gold is measured in Karats, and 24 Karat gold is considered the purest form of gold. Some sellers may offer gold with lower Karat values, which means it has impurities. Ensure that the seller provides a certificate of purity which proves the authenticity of the gold.

2) Look for hallmark certification

Hallmark certification is a mark of purity and quality. It is issued by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and indicates that the gold meets the quality standards set by the government. Ensure that the gold you purchase online has a hallmark certification to avoid getting duped. You can also check this yourself by observing three symbols on the gold—the BIS logo, a purity grade symbol and 6-digit code which is known as Hallmark Unique Identification (HUID) number.

3) Check the seller's return policy

Make sure to read and understand the seller's return policy before making a purchase. This will help you to return or exchange the product in case you are not satisfied with it or if there is any damage during transit. Also, check for the seller's warranty or guarantee policy.

4) Avoid buying from unknown websites

Stick to well-known websites, brands and sellers that have a good reputation. Avoid buying from fly-by-night operators. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

5) Compare prices, offers and deals

Compare the prices of gold and silver coins, bars or jewellery across different online platforms to get the best deal. Look for special offers, deals and cashback offered by online sellers during the Akshaya Tritiya festival.

On Akshaya Tritiya, you can purchase gold from India's most reputable jewellery brands on Amazon Fashion. With a wide selection of over 20,000 designs, you can choose from brands such as Malabar Gold & Diamonds, Candere by Kalyan Jewellers, Joyalukkas, Mia by Tanishq and Giva, among others. Amazon guarantees quality with hallmarked gold, certified jewellery, secure delivery, and a 10-day return policy for gold and silver jewellery.

Amazon’s Akshaya Tritiya storefront is offering deals of up to 100% on making charges and deals of up to 50% on precious gold and silver jewellery such as rings, earrings, pendants, chains, and more. Here are our top picks for buying authentic gold and silver ornaments from Amazon Fashion during this Akshaya Tritiya. You can also choose from the vast collection here.

1) Zeya Yellow Gold and Cubic Zirconia Pendant for Women

Safe shopping on Akshaya Tritiya

This minimalist gold pendant from Zeya comes with an inspirational heritage design and is adorned with Cubic Zirconia. The pendant has a modern appeal to it with its contemporary design and craftsmanship. Get this unique piece of jewellery for under Rs 5,999.
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2) Gold Earrings for Women from Candere by Kalyan Jewellers

Gold Earrings for Women from Candere by Kalyan Jewellers

These gold dangle earrings from Candere by Kalyan Jewellers is a perfect and classic gifting option for women of all ages. It is designed mindfully and crafted to perfection, giving it a royal look. Be it a formal meeting or soiree, these beauties have got you covered. Get this regal earring under Rs 12,499.
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3) Lotus Yellow Gold Bar: 24 Karat, 2 gm

Buying gold bars for Akshaya Tritiya is a popular tradition

Buying gold bars for Akshaya Tritiya is a popular tradition as it is considered an auspicious time to make new beginnings and investments. This gold bar is crafted from 999.9 / 24K gold and is minted to perfection using state-of-the-art Swiss technology that offers quality and precision. Get secured and insured delivery of this MMTC-PAMP 2 grams gold bar that is available under Rs 13,999.
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4) Joyalukkas 25 Grams 999 Silver Bar

Hallmark certified and made up of 999 silver

This silver bar is hallmark certified and made up of 999 silver. Get secured and insured delivery of this Joyalukkas 25 grams silver bar that is available under Rs 2,499.
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5) Yellow Gold Ring (22 Karat) for Men by PC Jeweller

This 22k yellow gold ring from PC Jeweller flaunts a perfect finish

This 22k yellow gold ring from PC Jeweller flaunts a perfect finish. An illustration of fine expertise, the ring is embellished with stones and is certified with BIS hallmark. If your man loves rings, this is an ideal gifting option under Rs 26,999.
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