is launching Creator University and Creator Connect, two new programs that will help both established and aspiring influencers scale up on

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Creator University empowers participants with practical guidance on every facet of content creation. Learn how to identify the perfect products to recommend, craft compelling and engaging content, and effectively drive targeted traffic to Creator University offers a comprehensive curriculum that incorporates in-depth video tutorials, informative articles and interactive workshops across a wide range of topics. Participants will learn everything from cultivating a robust audience to optimising content for performance within the Amazon ecosystem.

Creator Connect is a series of in-person events designed to foster connections, learning, and growth for creators within the Amazon ecosystem. These events are strategically timed around major sale events to achieve two goals: generate excitement for upcoming promotions and attract new creators to the Amazon Influencer Program.

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Influencers play a big role in driving visibility for brands

"I've been an Amazon Fashion Influencer for over 6 months now and I'm excited for Amazon's first Creator Connect event and can't wait to meet my fellow creators. We play a big role in driving visibility and discovery for brands, and events like this are very encouraging for us," says Gaurav Sharma, a content creator with 1.3 million followers on Instagram. Creator Connect offers a variety of interactive experiences, including workshops led by influencers. Participants also get opportunities to meet with Amazon leaders and established creators, besides participating in product showcases, trends discussions, and more. The first Creator Connect event, ‘A Summer Escape,’ kicks off on June 3 in Mumbai. It will focus on building a community of fashion and lifestyle creators coinciding with Amazon Fashion's Wardrobe Refresh Sale (June 1-6).

Equipping creators with the tools needed to succeed

“At Amazon, we recognise the immense influence content creators have on today's consumers. Creator University and Creator Connect are ways of empowering these creators, both established and aspiring, with the tools and knowledge they need to thrive within the Amazon ecosystem,” says Kishore Thota, Director, Shopping Experience, India & Emerging Markets, Amazon.

Shifa Shaikh, an upcoming Instagram content creator, says, “I recently started my journey as a creator and initially didn't know how I could leverage my content. Then I discovered the Amazon Influencer Program. Now through Creator University, I know how to up level my game. Earning commissions on the content my followers love, is quite motivating."

What’s the Amazon Influencer Program

Amazon Influencer Program is a resource for influencers to monetise their content. It gives them access to tools that enable them to select and recommend Amazon's products and services to their followers while earning commissions on qualifying purchases. Influencers can share their storefront URL or affiliate links, expand their reach and attract new customers with their content.

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Amazon Live: where customers directly interact with content creators

Amazon has introduced several programs for content creators in recent years. Two years back, launched Amazon Live—a unique live shopping program where customers can directly interact with content creators who showcase products, answer customer questions in real time, run polls, and offer limited duration deals.

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