Look good’ to ‘feel good’ is the mantra for men and women alike across all age groups. Everyone wants to look on point and fashionably forward at all hours. The year 2020 has seen a major shift in fashion trends across the globe, be it the rise of chic comfortable clothing or trendy face masks to match your mood for the day. Businesses and designers have adapted to the current situation and directly translated their ideas into designs presented through livestreamed shows, artful videos, YouTube streams and socially distanced in-person runways.

With 2021 just around the corner, there is a collective hope that the New Year will be drastically different from the year before, and the fashion trends we forecast for 2021 are indicative of this. From 70s-inspired denims to decadent leather, 2021 will bring upon us an array of trends to truly experience the joy of fashion. Additionally, customers will continue to look at ecommerce as a source of trendy fashion offerings from the comfort of their homes.

Narendra Kumar, Creative Director, Amazon Fashion India recommends some of the trendiest styles and looks to conquer 2021 fashion like a pro