The festive season is all about the spirit of giving, spreading warmth, and bringing smiles to the faces of those we hold dear. While spreading joy, we often tend to overlook our own well-being.

“It’s not easy to pamper yourself,” says Nayab Midha, a poetess and social media influencer.

Midha generally uses all her research skills to find the right gift for people she cares about. “Gifts are a great way to demonstrate your love. Yet, when it’s time to buy something for yourself, the process gets reversed. This festive season, I have tried to change that,” she says.

Storyteller Helly Shah says that people who focus on making others happy often tend to deprioritise themselves. “I find joy in making tea for my family in the morning or remembering everyone’s wishlist for their special days but often forget about myself,” she says.

Amazon India’s Khushiyan Apno Ki, Aur Apni Bhi campaign urges customers to prioritise not only their loved ones but also themselves during this joyous time of year. We invited our customers to share their own experiences of celebrating Khushiyan Apno Ki, Aur Apni Bhi. Here are some wholesome stories of Amazon customers and Amazon employees embracing the ‘me’ in ‘we’ this festive season.

Watch the campaign video here.

This festive season celebrate Khushiyan, Apno Ki Aur Apni Bhi

Priyanka Singh

“A new guitar had been on my wishlist for ages. Finally, I bought it and started spending the evenings learning tunes that that I love. During a family gathering last Diwali, I surprised everyone by playing their favourite songs. The smiles on their faces mirrored the joy I felt!”

Ashutosh Srivastava, SPS Associate at Amazon

Amazon Employee

“I was excited to order gifts for my family members online, but my old phone was lagging a lot. I tried to make the purchases but the slow phone made it impossible. I knew I had to do something, so I ordered a new phone for myself. When it arrived, I was thrilled to use it to order gifts for everyone. It was a small investment that brought me peace of mind and joy.”

Babita Tomar, Content Creator & Fitness enthusiast

“I go on shoots by the day and spend the night working out at the gym. In between this hectic routine, I decided to take a spontaneous solo trip to Banaras recently. These snapshots became postcards that I sent to my family, letting them know I was thinking of them. The trip rejuvenated my soul and allowed me to share the natural beauty and the joy it brought me with my loved ones.”

Mohit Goyal

“I got myself a ticket to a live music show while getting ready for a family gathering during the festive season. It was my special treat, a wonderful break filled with amazing music amid all the holiday chaos!”

Sandhya Singh

“I'll be treating myself to relaxing bubble baths, practicing mindfulness through meditation, and indulging in my favorite hobbies. To spread love, I'll be sending heartfelt messages to friends and family, performing acts of kindness, and making sure to show appreciation for the people who bring joy to my life. Let's make this festive season a time of self-care, love, and endless happiness!”

Saumya Srivastava (SPS Associate Mentor at Amazon)

Amazon Employee Diwali

“My family loves frozen snacks, but I had to avoid them due to my cholesterol levels. I felt left out whenever they indulged in their favorite treat. However, I didn’t want them to feel guilty, so I got an air fryer for myself. With this new appliance, my family and I could enjoy the same snacks without compromising on my health. Now we all can enjoy our favorite snacks together and I feel included and happy."