The road to the gourmet market in India has been a long one. A couple of decades back, the term gourmet was associated with the rich and elite. But with health becoming a growing concern among Indian consumers, they are readily adopting the organic imported products as a part of their daily meal intake. Also thanks to Amazon’s New Gourmet Store - food connoisseurs across the country are steamrolling their way to gourmet.

India has always been a land of home-cooking with locally-sourced ingredients. Recipes have been passed down generation-to-generation from mother to daughter (and now to sons!). Decades ago, the food scene grew with dabbawallas and restaurants popping up to serve traditional favorites such as dosas, biryani and thalis of all kinds. With time, restaurants started serving continental cuisine with a whole new world of flavors. Noodles from Asia and pizza from Italy became household favorites. Our country loves to eat; so the serving didn’t stop there!

In the last few years, the gourmet food market has seen a transformational change because of millennials. The internet has helped introduce the wonderful world of food even to those who live in Tier-II and Tier-III cities. Connoisseurs from across the country are being exposed to more global cuisine. Many of them enjoy experimenting in their own kitchens, trying their best to replicate delicious meals from fancy restaurants and far off lands.

What is Gourmet food, you ask?

Also known as haute cuisine, it often features elaborate preparations and artistic presentations. These aesthetically balanced meals usually consist of several contrasting, rich courses. Gourmet is all about quality and authenticity - the real goodness of food and drink.

Amazon’s Gourmet Store offers the very best in Pan-Asian, Italian, Mexican and Middle Eastern cuisine. The online store has a range of goodies that are carefully picked from every corner of the world to enjoy the best in taste and quality. You can browse through superfoods, vegan treats, pro-keto products and a range of beverages.

The Gourmet Store also has the best in oils and dressings. Take a break from shopping and learn to whip something up, if you like. The website has featured recipes and you could learn to make Maggi Fusion Noodles or Matcha Green Tea Cake.

The great search for gourmet!

A decade ago, one would have to search high and low for gourmet goodies. True food enthusiasts would spend hours in city marketplaces, scouring shops to find the right products. And if there’s no luck, one would have to wait for a relative from abroad to bring them the ingredients that they dreamt of. Thanks to technology, everything is changing! Amazon’s Gourmet Store has opened up hundreds of delicious opportunities for foodies across the country.

For the longest time in India, gourmet food was provided by international brands. What do we see now? New gourmet brands that are born in the heart of India, offering its consumers some of the best that our nation has to offer. Urban Platter is a great example that offers a variety of products that include honey, spices & seasoning, pink Himalayan salt, roasted seeds and more. Saffola FITTIFY Gourmet too offers a range of tasteful meal options for the health-conscious. Wingreens is another wholesome brand offering gourmet dips, spreads and dressings. Some of their popular products include chipotle, garlic dip, basil pesto, flatbread and baked pita bread crisps.

Visit Amazon’s Gourmet Store today and start adding your favorite gourmet treats to your cart! You could be biting into that Chocolate Lemon Tart by the weekend!