Through these changes in how we worked, lived and entertained ourselves, we made the most of the lockdowns we faced. In short, people found their own ways of dealing with the chaos that suddenly surrounded them, "by making lemonade out of the lemons 2020 threw at them!"

Here’s a peek at the varieties of lockdown lemonades we came up with last year, thanks to a little help from Amazon, whose associates always delivered what our hearts desired!

It was the best of times for hygiene products when disinfectant soaps and sanitisers flew off the shelves. It was also the year of the pyjamas as India’s workforce got comfortable with working from home. With living and sleeping spaces turning into offices and classrooms, new desks were the top trending home furniture in 2020. Yoga mats and gym equipment followed close behind as people found themselves increasingly closed in.

Threatened with claustrophobia as families stayed cooped up all day, we turned to reading, cooking and gardening to preserve our mental health. Books on Ikigai sold like hot jalebis, while plants, seeds, fertilisers and all manner of gardening tools became our best buys. Meanwhile, home cooks ordered new equipment for their kitchens, and our homes saw a makeover with brand new furnishings.

Alexa remained our constant companion through these months of social isolation, supplying us with new recipes, music and more.

Streaming content on Amazon Prime replaced a trip to the movies, while new 5G smart phones kept us in touch with family and friends across the planet.

As we salute the trends that defined the year that was, here’s looking ahead at a brand new year with renewed hope and much anticipation…