The festive season is upon us. Lights, love and celebrations: what’s not to love? Although we all agree that this year has been a rollercoaster ride for all of us, let’s figure out a safer way to celebrate with the lights of our life! Admittedly, the gesture of gifting someone is wholesome in itself, but wouldn’t it be amazing to gift them something that makes their life easier? Living as we do in a world of tech appliances, smart Diwali gift ideas will definitely earn you major brownie points.

Take a look at this tech-smart list we’ve put together just for you.

Routers for Uninterrupted Online Meetings (say goodbye to ‘Am I Audible?’)

Diwali Gifts

With the whole work from home situation at present, having a stable WiFi connection at home has become super important for all families. While children are learning online, parents are working away from their devices, so what better gift than a new router that the entire family can benefit from?

This one provides a strong and stable WiFi connection and lets you access the internet without any interruptions. So consider buying this Diwali gift for your family and friends who are having a hard time with their internet connections, enabling them to watch movies, download shows, attend their online meetings and browse social media without any buffering.

Alexa, Help Me Celebrate Diwali!

Diwali Gifts

An Amazon shopping haul is incomplete without getting yourself a super cool Alexa speaker. The Echo Dot (third gen) is Amazon’s very own smart speaker that comes with the ever-helpful assistant, Alexa.

The speaker has voice control smart light features and can sync up with smart home accessories quite effortlessly. Alexa can keep you company for hours and play you the music you want. This makes for the ultimate Diwali gift that will make the receiver ecstatic, we can guarantee!

No More Wiry Worries for the Perfect WFH Space

Diwali Gifts

In most houses, there is that one corner where you have two thousand cords all jumbled up together, connecting all your devices. Whether it be your router cord, your charger cord, or your TV wire, it all combines into one huge mess that makes the area look untidy and ugly!

So this Diwali, help your family with some advanced Diwali cleaning by getting this super cool Wire Bin, which hides and organises all your cords in one sleek looking box. This little box neatly encloses all your wires, so it does not stick out and ruin the aesthetics of your room. We think this makes for a super useful gift that your mum and dad will be especially happy with.

For Backing You, Quite Literally! (okay, so we mean posture correctors for your body)

Diwali Gifts

It is amazing how far technology has come, and how it has been crucial in developing health and wellness equipment. If you have friends or family who struggle with joint pain due to bad posture, this posture corrector and trainer will be a magical Diwali gift for them!

The small device has sensors attached to it, which helps it track and monitor one’s body posture, correct bad posture and train one to maintain the correct posture for a pain-free lifestyle. Every time you slouch, a gentle vibration will remind you to sit up straight. With all the work from home and sitting at a desk for long hours, this body posture tracker could be a useful gift for every member of your family.

Multi-purpose Table for the Multi-tasking You!

Diwali Gifts

A bestselling item on Amazon, this multi-purpose laptop table will make for the perfect Diwali gift for the workaholics in your life. They can place their laptops on this multi-purpose table and work right from the comfort of their beds, without having to bend low for long periods of time.

The utility of this gift is ten-fold, since it can be used as a dinner tray for patients, snacks tray for Netflix binge sessions, a writing table, or even as a handy table to place your book or Kindle reader. There are multiple uses of this simple laptop table, and the wooden finish on top is super sleek. This product will make for an excellent Diwali gift for your loved ones.

So these are some of our top tech gift ideas ahead of the festive season. Amazon has millions of products and you will chance upon some really cool gadgets that will make for brilliant gifts. This Diwali, make your gifts worthwhile, bring a curve on the faces of your loved ones!

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