A makeover that’s attractive, easy on the pocket and effortless. Sounds too good to be true? Well, that’s exactly what the first-of-its-kind Amazon Festive Home where every nook and corner of the Home is done up with a product that’s sold on Amazon! From quirky wallpaper and wall art to garden accessories, from chic and classy home décor to geeky gadgets, latest smartphones and Alexa-controlled smart lighting, TV and appliances; from traditional Indian handlooms & handicrafts (Kalahaat) to modern murals; from state-of-the art home appliances to exquisite sofas, beds, ottomans and recliners; from apparel, shoes, to bags and jewelry; from grocery, daily essentials to bath accessories and luxury beauty products – welcome to the tour that redefines your shopping journey!

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Ground Floor Living Room - To shop the look click here

Ground Floor Amazon Festive Home

Dining Room - To shop the look click here

Ground floor dining Amazon Home

First Floor Living Room & Family Lounge - To shop the look click here

Family Lounge Amazon Home

To shop the look click here

First floor areas Amazon Festive Home

Master Bedroom - To shop the look click here

Master bedroom Amazon Festive Home

Girl's Bedroom - To shop the look click here

Girls room Amazon Festive Home

Boy's Bedroom - To shop the look click here

Boys room festive home

Tech Studio - To shop the look click here

Tech Room Festive Home

Guest Room - To shop the look click here

Guest room

With over 1000+ products from 100+ brands, the Festive Home showcases has something for everyone and for every budget! Leading space stylists and interior designers Amber Singh Tikari and Preeti Subhash, have given each room a theme-based décor to highlight the variety in products offered across numerous categories by brands and sellers alike. So on the one hand, while the Family Lounge has a contemporary Indo-Western look, the ethnic and artsy Drawing Room decorated with original Tanjore paintings reflects Indian tradition and culture. From a Kitchen that has all the latest gadgets, to messy yet creative Children’s Rooms and a chic and stylized Master Bedroom, this Festive Home is a testimony to how Amazon caters to even the smallest of needs of a home. And for those who love nature, the home showcases a pretty little garden furnished with live plants, fresh flowers, garden accessories, garden furniture all bought from Amazon.in. Welcome to the Amazon Festive Home and Happy Festive Shopping!

Stay tuned for more as we gear up for the Great Indian Festival which gets underway on Oct 10, 2018.

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