Amazon Prime extends the convenience of Amazon by making it possible for millions of customers to get access to multiple distinct benefits and deals across categories, while delivering enormous value for members. Prime members can explore fantastic deals, big savings and blockbuster entertainment at Prime Day 2024, which is coming back on July 20 and 21 this year.

An Amazon Prime membership gets you access to exclusive deals, blockbuster entertainment, and fast delivery—but there's more, so much more!

Amazon Day Delivery is one of the many free benefits exclusively for Prime members, designed to make your life better by bringing a convenient shopping experience. It gives Prime members an option to select a preferred day of the week for receiving ordered products while shopping this Prime Day 2024. Items ordered throughout each week with Amazon Day Delivery will be delivered on the chosen day.

Read on to learn when and why you may want to use Amazon Day.

Screenshot featuring how to select Amazon Day Delivery

How does Amazon Day work?

Depending on the eligibility of the items, Amazon Day will appear as a delivery option at check-out, along with your regular Prime delivery options. Most eligible items can be ordered for Amazon Day Delivery up to two days before your chosen day. Product eligibility varies by item and you can see details at check-out.

How to get started with Amazon Day Delivery?

You can follow these simple steps to get started.

  • Add products to your cart as you always do. Amazon Day will appear as a delivery option at check-out (when available), along with your regular Prime delivery options. Choose it as often as you’d like, or if there’s another option that’s better for a certain order, select that instead.
  • Order items throughout the week and choose Amazon Day Delivery at check-out
  • Get your items delivered for free on that day of the week

You can also save the selected day for future orders and make Amazon Day your default delivery option. You can always go back and change your default settings at any time.

When should you use Amazon Day?

With Amazon Day, you can make deliveries work for your personal schedule and predict when your orders are scheduled to reach you. Consider the below scenarios for you to use Amazon Day:

  • When you’re traveling and want to receive your package at your destination once you arrive.
  • When you know you’ll be at home to receive the package.
  • When you want to place an order immediately but don’t need it until later.
  • When you have multiple items in your order with different delivery dates and you want to consolidate them into one delivery.
Three Amazon package deliveries stacked outside a front door.

Who can use Amazon Day?

Amazon Day is free for Prime members, with no additional membership required. Read here about how to sign up for a Prime membership.

Prime takes the very best of what Amazon offers and gives members fast, free delivery, savings, convenience, and entertainment, all in one affordable membership.

How far in advance do I need to order to schedule deliveries on my Amazon Day?

Most items can be ordered for Amazon Day Delivery up to two days before your chosen day. Product eligibility varies by item and you can see details at checkout.

The environmental benefit of Amazon Day Delivery

Choosing Amazon Day is a great way to combine multiple orders into one delivery, potentially reducing the amount of packaging you receive. You will continue receiving your orders in great condition while doing your bit for minimising the impact of packaging waste on the planet. Remember, Amazon Day deliveries use 30% fewer boxes on average, and in 2023, saved 200 million boxes for Amazon globally. Amazon is committed to reinventing how orders are shipped for the good of customers and the planet. Read more about how Amazon is reducing packaging here.

Be sure to make full use of all your Amazon Prime benefits, including Amazon Day. Choose your Amazon Day here or add eligible items to your cart to get started. Customers who are not yet Prime members can sign up for their membership at

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