35-year-old Bhagya Raju is an inspiration to many. His story is one of resilience and refusal to give up in the face of adversity. Since birth, Bhagya Raju has walked with difficulty, but that didn't deter him from becoming a successful ‘I Have Space’ partner. Today, he goes on to deliver smiles to many customers in Hyderabad.

Since the launch of Amazon India’s flagship ‘I Have Space’ program in 2015, thousands of independent entrepreneurs across the country such as Bhagya Raju were able to transform their lives and financial situation via a supplemental source of income. Through the IHS program, Amazon India partners with local stores and and business owners who deliver products to customers within 2-4 kilometres, allowing store owners to earn additional income.

Unlocking potential
Raju is a tuition teacher from Quthbullapur village in Hyderabad and has been running Eshwar Tuition Point with his wife for several years. While he had a regular set of students, his earnings were not enough to meet his expenses. The pandemic compounded his problems as footfall of students started declining. With income from the tuition centre drying up, he had no one to turn to for help. That’s when a neighbour told him about Amazon’s IHS program.

“After understanding about the ‘I Have Space’ program, I realized that I have the potential to take on this new role and earn a supplemental income. I immediately enrolled in the program and became an IHS partner in September 2021,” says Raju.

As Amazon scales and expands its delivery network across Telangana, it continues to enable individuals to unlock their entrepreneurial potential, creating opportunities to expand their horizons through this last-mile delivery program. Besides thousands of ‘I Have Space’ (IHS) stores in Telangana, the program now includes over 28,000 neighbourhood and kirana store partners in 420 cities and towns across India.

Inspiring people and building new connections
“Becoming an Amazon IHS partner has been empowering. I joined the program to support my family financially, and now I have been able to overcome financial challenges over the past year. I don’t view my physical limitations as an impediment. I hope others can draw inspiration and turn their lives around,” he says proudly.

Through its onboarding and training programs, Amazon India is keen to empower persons with disability to realize their true potential. Raju says the best part of being an IHS partner is the opportunity to meet different people every day. “I am always met with a smile. Many people appreciate the fact that the delivery is made on time. People have been kind to me and that encourages me to do my best every day,” he says.

Delivering smiles this festive season
As Amazon India gears up for the upcoming festive season, Raju is excited to deliver smiles to customers and become a part of their festivities. “The festive season is always special for every one across the country. It was very different over the last two years due to the pandemic, but this year I’m excited that things are getting back to normal. By delivering Amazon packages for customers, we indirectly become a part of their festivities and joy,” concludes Raju.

Aspiring I Have Space partners can apply here: amazon.in/ihs