As people across the country prepare for the upcoming festivities, the festive mood has rubbed off on our small business owners as well. They were looking forward to the Great Indian Festival with anticipation and with the sale in its final phase, our sellers are smiling again and sharing their success stories with us. And while they do realise that the road to recovery will be a long and arduous one, they are optimistic about the future and celebrating the present. And we are saluting their hard work, patience and entrepreneurial spirit for achieving the kind of success that they have had online.

'Reviving our business and clocking profit'

Take the story of Prakash from Jaipur, who joined Amazon in 2019. His business of unique footwear has garnered a loyal following online over time and the Great Indian Festival catapulted his sales and brought him many new customers from all parts of the country. He says, "I receive over 150+ orders on an average. However, this festive sale is extra special for me as we have achieved a record high order volume in a day - of over 300 orders! This is a first for us, and it has set a new benchmark for us. Heading into the festive season, the scope of increasing our sales amidst the pandemic seemed highly unlikely. Still, with a platform like Amazon that fully supports sellers and small businesses, we can revive and sustain our business, and also clock in profit. We are hopeful that by the end of this festive season we will have achieved many more milestones".

'2.5x increase in the sale of products'

It is a similar success story for Ravi Aggarwal, who started the Shoppers Club in 2019, which offers customers a wide range of apparel in sportswear and sleepwear with combo packs. Ravi says that he registered a 2.5x increase in the sale of their products on the very first day of India's biggest online shopping festival. "Before the sale, the Amazon team helped us in ensuring that we are well-equipped to meet the high demand during this period, and as of now we see a 4.5x jump in our overall sales", says a happy Ravi.

'Massive influx of orders'

More SMBs participate than ever, over 1.1 Lakh sellers get order and 66% of them from non-metros. As Bharat shops safely on read on to know more...

Another business owner who shared his success story was Faheem Shamsi, Founder and CEO of Wooden Twist. This small business is doing great work with quality products such as floating shelves, wood separators and laptop tables, among other items. Although their e-commerce journey started way back in 2015, they have never seen such a massive influx of orders like they did during the Amazon Great Indian Festival. Faheem says that they are thrilled to have "registered 3x growth in our sales within the first three days, and are expecting to clock in more throughout the festive season, as customers tend to shop for furniture items during this period of the year".

The Amazon Great Indian Festival has helped several Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) increase consumer-base and has grown their products’ visibility by leaps and bounds. These brands are offering unique products that customers are enjoying, helping them bloom the business. Various programs such as Local Shops, Amazon Launchpad, Amazon Saheli, and Amazon Karigar are helping boost the local economy of these businesses. We at Amazon are glad to serve as a bridge between these businesses and eager shoppers all across the country.