2020 was a year different for more than one reason. It was the year when the pandemic changed thousands of lives, and humankind's future was at stake. But for the very same reasons, 2020 was also the year of hope and resurrection. The year of fighting harder and emerging stronger like never before. 2020 was the year of change, and nothing changed more than the fate of online brands and businesses.

While several large, small and medium businesses took a hard hit because of the pandemic, online retail brands who gave their customers the best quality products got a new lease of life during and after the pandemic.

Today we share the success stories of two such brands. What makes their story even more remarkable is that both these brands were started by fabulous husband-wife duos. This Valentine's day meet two successful seller couples, who are the perfect example of dreaming without fear and loving without limits.

Rahul and Cherry of The Junket

The Junket brand on Amazon India

Their love for travel gave birth to the venture that Rahul and Cherry proudly call their first baby - The Junket.

3 years ago, Rahul and Cherry bid their corporate careers goodbye and decided to chase the dream they had both seen. Their very own start-up that showcased their love for travel and art and that is how The Junket was born.

Today The Junket is a brand that offers customized travel accessories, lifestyle, technology and stationery products to millions of customers from across the globe. Together, Rahul and Cherry became the dream team that took their passion and turned into a thriving business venture in a short time.

In India, the brand has been on Amazon.in for two years now, and its product offerings are loved by customers across India, including people in tier II and tier III cities and towns. With its presence on Amazon in the US and UAE, the brand has also found a loyal, global customer base over the last few months. In Rahul’s own words, this move has been extremely beneficial for the brand which now gets business from India during the day, and from the USA after hours.

So while 2020’s lockdown was devastating for many SMBs and start-ups, The Junket scaled its business up by 50% compared to their revenue from 2019. Rahul and Cherry believe in a divide and conquer strategy when it comes to their business responsibilities. While Cherry takes care of product design and manufacturing the entire product catalogue, Rahul ensures that when it comes to the supply chain, delivery process, and excellent customer experiences, The Junket stays at the top of its game.

Starting a business with your life partner is easier than starting something with a friend or colleague. Life becomes sorted because you understand each other

“Starting a business with your life partner is easier than starting something with a friend or colleague. Life becomes sorted because you understand each other”, says Cherry. Rahul adds that the best way to manage one’s professional and personal lives, taking your responsibilities seriously and meeting set commitments becomes significant.

The Junket also has exciting plans for 2021, with the launch of a new product range that includes sunglasses and hardbound diaries among other products.

Whoever said love conquers all was definitely referring to this power couple.

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Puneet and Niharika of Bonorganik

Bonorganik on Amazon India

Puneet and Niharika Verma established Bonorganik as an organic baby and kidswear brand in 2012. However, since 2015 the apparels brand has become well-known for its unique, relationship-based apparel offerings that make for the perfect bespoke gifting options for loved ones across all ages.

That’s why Bonoragnik prides itself on being the only local brand to have the ideal product offering when it comes to celebrating any kind of relationship - be it mom and daughter, father and son, siblings, families, friends or even couples.

While Niharika is an alumnus of the National Institute of Design, Puneet is an apparel production veteran with a penchant for perfection, and that’s what makes this duo a dream team for their business.

Niharika deals with the product direction, launches and creativity. Puneet is in-charge of marketing, exploring new product lines and expanding the brand’s customer reach. The couple also says that when it comes to creating new products, following trends and maintaining a thorough bond to facilitate more valuable friendships and relationships, their growth as individuals and a brand is inspired by each other.

Our growth as individuals and a brand is inspired by each other.

The couple believes their experience with a global online retail platform like Amazon has been instrumental in the evolution of their brand and business. Over the last three years, the Bon Organiks has gained immense popularity on Amazon's Indian platform and made its presence felt on Amazon Canada and UAE portals. However, this power couple's goal is always to keep reinventing their brand and stay ahead of the competition when it comes to the bespoke apparel business not only in India but across the globe.

On Valentine's Day, Team Amazon wishes more success, more celebration and many more years of togetherness to our dynamic seller couples.