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Rahul Agarwal’s story of taking Chandrakala Creations to consumers across the world is a fine example of the lengths Indian exporters go to help build a niche for themselves in the global markets. It is a story of how a two-decade-old apparel changed their approach to make a fashion statement across the world with the help of Amazon Global Selling.

Introducing finery to the international audience

Chandrakala Creations started out on Amazon Global Selling in 2016. The idea was simple - to introduce the finest in Indian fashion to customers globally through Chandrakala Creations. A third generation entrepreneur, Rahul thought it was time to expand globally. He explains how Amazon was his natural choice to establish Chandrakala Creations abroad.
“The biggest reason for me to join Amazon Global Selling was the simple process to expand globally and export and the immediate access to customers that the program provides. Even to this date, there isn’t a channel that provides such a demand and distribution support to help exporters like me expand internationally,” says Rahul Agarwal, Founder, Chandrakala Creations.

Growth after global selling

By catering to the global market, Chandrakala Creations learnt the diverse tastes and preferences of the global customers. They have been able to adapt and expand their offerings and discover a whole new demand. In the words of a customer in the United States, we can see why there is such demand for products by Chandrakala Creations. Says the customer who left a 5 star review: “The fabric looks beautiful! I got an orange and-gold saree and the color is so rich and gorgeous! It’s my first saree: a friend of mine is getting married to an Indian man. Though, I had to download instructions on how to wear it but I think it looks pretty good for my first time!”

The Amazon advantage

One of the biggest advantages Chandrakala Creations has seen through Amazon Global Selling is the rapid feedback mechanism that helps them gauge demand in the international markets better. Today, they have expanded to the UK, Middle East, and Australia besides the US. Rahul explained that without Amazon’s support, it would have been more difficult to have that kind of reach and exposure in such a short time.

Customer reviews - a key factor

Speaking of customer response, the founder explains that ‘reviews’ have been a key factor in understanding the market trends and minimizing losses within a span of one-two months. He speaks of a time when they helped a customer with a reference video on draping a saree and her post-purchase review left us all delighted and grateful! With a goldmine of infrastructure that helps capture the vitals of their business growth like FBA, payment services, customer feedback, ad reports, inventory reports, and customer reports – there is no looking back for exporters such as Rahul in their international selling journey.

Looking ahead

On the road ahead, Rahul Agarwal says, "We are currently experimenting with the idea of Indo-Western fusions. For example, while the tops we offer are western, the work stitched or weaved on the same is native to Indian handiwork. Today we have a great demand for a range of garments and similar apparel – blouses, headscarves, kids wear amongst others."