Get ready for a heady mix of virtual reality while bringing out the competitive gamer in you. Amazon is pioneering the #Amazonmetaworld—it's metaverse of digital experiences—in 5 cities starting from September 15. What that means is customers in Kanpur, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Nagpur and Chandigarh can walk into physical experience centers where they create their virtual avatar, put on a VR headset, compete with others, collect points, win goodies and meet social media influencers. Need we say more?

The future of experiential shopping 
“Get set to be gamified,” Noor Patel, VP, HCTP at Amazon India, told So, one just walks into a physical center to experience a collaborative, immersive virtual world? In essence, yes.

The #Amazonmetaworld will give customers an entry into the Amazon universe, a virtual destination that will let you experience your favorite Amazon categories. We are bringing our vast selection and offers to an immersive offline space where customers can play games, become a musician, collect coupons and meet their favorite influencers.
Noor Patel, VP, HCTP at Amazon India

In its simplest term, the metaverse is the internet in 3D with a deep focus on social connections. This immersive world is facilitated by the use of virtual reality and augmented reality headsets. It offers brands the ability to design experiences without the limitations of the physical world, and opens a whole new universe that connects their fans with each other.

Introducing Amazon Metaworld

“As a customer-obsessed company, we want to meet users early in their journey of adopting new technologies. In line with that approach, Amazon India is inviting customers in 5 cities to come and experience the best of Amazon,” said Patel.

Find Amazon Metaworld in your city 
Amazon’s first metaverse experience is scheduled for September 15 at Kanpur’s Maharana Pratap Group of Institutions between 12-6pm. The action then moves to Bengaluru, Hyderabad), Nagpur, and Chandigarh over the next few weeks.

What you can expect
Customers visiting the Amazon Metaworld experience center, after creating his/her own avatar, will wear a VR headset, enter the virtual lobby and wait for other players to join. They then have to enter one of three portals or zones and three of nine portals will be visible randomly in every round. A maximum of five players only will be allowed in one portal.

Amazon's Noor Patel talks about Amazon Metaworld
Noor Patel, VP, HCTP at Amazon India, talks about what customers in 5 cities can expect from Amazon Metaworld

After entering the portal, customers through their avatars will compete with others while trying to collect points. Once they have 100 points, they will have to answer a closed-ended question as per the zone they are in. Answer the question correctly, and you get a virtual diamond. A player who finds three diamonds and opens the Amazon pop-up truck in the lobby will be declared the winner and will get Amazon goodies. The grand winner for the day (most points in the shortest time), will get the grand prize.

Once a player clears the hurdle, the portal closes and the players are sent back to the lobby, where they can enter more portals. Here’s how the gamification experience will work in key categories.

  • Electronics: Moving platforms – Amazon’s products from the electronics category will be seen in this portal, where players have to jump from one moving platform to another, while collecting Amazon Pay cashback points, to find the diamond.
  • Fashion and Beauty: Pooja se party tak – Players will have to create various looks on the mannequin; the one to create maximum looks in a limited time gets the maximum points, which can be redeemed to find the diamond. 
  • Fresh and Consumables: Collect fruits and grocery items – By collecting fruits, pulses and other grocery items, players can collect the Amazon Pay cashback points and use it to find the diamond box. 
    Amazon Metaworld Exhibit: Portal Grocery
  • Local Shop: Spot the Local Shops – On this city street simulated portal, multiple shops will be visible, of which few will bear the Amazon logo and branding. Players have to spot such shops to get Amazon Pay cashback points, which can be redeemed for the diamond box. 
Amazon Metaworld Exhibit: Local Shops

  • Smartphones: Catch the phones – In this portal, players will have to collect 10 specific smartphones of a particular brand among several others that will be floating around. Each phone will have special Amazon Pay cashback points, which can be redeemed for the diamond box. 
Amazon Metaworld Exhibit: Portal Smartphone

As a pioneer in digital experiences, Amazon is always looking for ways to delight customers. The Amazon Metaworld experience centers will add to the excitement of Amazon Great Indian Festival which kicks off on September 23.