“With Amazon, you can get anything you wish to have in your house. It’s perfect,” said Chunzin, who just got her two-year-old a special birthday dress, delivered right to her door.
This is hardly a noteworthy statement, but if you live in Leh where the terrain is rough, the weather challenging and the nearest shop to buy occasion wear or specialty items is in Delhi, this is indeed a cause to rejoice. Amazon’s small but mighty delivery team in Leh delivers smiles every day on motorbikes! It is now easy for the people residing in this remote town to order anything from household goods, clothes, cosmetics to pregnancy pillows.

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Customers are at the core of Amazon’s principles. Their needs come first. Akshyapadma Mahopatra, from Bhubaneshwar, who ordered a mobile phone on Amazon says, “Received my order in two days even with heavy rainfall due to Cyclone Titli.” "I had an exchange offer for my laptop and so happy to have got it which is very difficult in a place like Port Blair." Says Dr Abhay.

Amazon with its service partners delivers to Portblair & Havelock on Andaman Islands. Having launched this as a modest service in 2015, today they make about 1500 deliveries every day. With even consumables hard to come by on the Islands, people often order chips, masala packets, mayonnaise and other eatables!

Khambhaliya is a small town in Gujarat. Abhishek Vanza says “Before I have to travel 50 to 60 Km to purchase branded products. But now everything is available in Khambhaliya Amazon Store.” He gets fast delivery and is a big advocate for Amazon with his friends & family. Ankur Das & Bijoy Narang from Jorhat, Assam order electronics & books often on Amazon. They are very pleased with the fast delivery and the offers they receive on Amazon, not to forget the extreme convenience of being able to access anything they want from their city.

Majuli is the largest river island in the world, making for the most picturesque setting. Put the people living here are cut off from the main land by distance, mode of transport and weather. Amazon has successfully been delivering to this region even in heavy rains making consumers happy in this tier IV town. Mandi is a town on the hills in Himachal. Chavi says “It’s been a wonderful experience so far being in a remote place and I keep getting products regularly on time”.

Amazon has reached newer corners in 2018. Tying up with logistics service providers and starting the I Have Space initiative has helped galvanize the local players who know the lay of the land very well giving them a great business opportunity. But above all this, Amazon has put smiles on customers’ faces.